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Great American Tool Company (GATCO) started its journey in 1989 under professional craftsmanship. GATCO is renowned globally for its sharpening accessories that are specifically designed to be used easily with minimal loss of metal. GATCO has been a rescuer to the knife enthusiasts and has been providing them with finest sharpeners. Arkansas Stone Sharpeners, Ceramic Sharpeners, Carbide Sharpeners, Sport Sharpeners, Sharpening Systems, and Diamond Sharpeners are few of the sharpeners offered by the firm.


GATCO Hone Sharpeners feature a range of different sharpeners made to sharpen your knives comfortably during the moments of need while you are stuck with the inefficiency of your knife during your outdoor excursions. These hone sharpeners sharpen all plain edge blades of knives. These sharpeners feature different colored including black, red, blue ABS handles that have amazing mechanical properties which provides resistance and toughness against wear and tear. Knife enthusiasts rely on hone sharpeners by GATCO as they restore dull serrated blades to full cutting performance. These sharpeners are good for electric knives, fillet and carving blades too. Many of the hone sharpeners are provided in kits with scientifically formulated honing oil. The kits have serrated edges, extra screws for clamp, coarse, medium and fine diamond sharpening hones along with the ABS handle. These GATCO sharpeners are also used for the GATCO knife sharpening systems. GATCO Hone Sharpeners have been the rescuer for different knife users from different corners of the world. One can explore GATCO’s different series through Knife Country’s portal.

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