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Gatco Sharpeners Edgemate Sharpening System by Gatco Sharpeners

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GATCO or the Great American Tool Company was established in 1989 and from the very beginning, the company was committed to making handy tools and accessories that have a lot of practical use. GATCO has been a leading name in the world of knife accessories. The brand is associated with tools for real users, people who need different supplies as a part of their everyday life. This includes sharpeners that are vouched for by craftsmen, sportsmen, chefs, and butchers. Premium quality sharpeners ensure the edge of knife blades to remain sharp. Edgemate sharpeners are one such fine offering from GATCO.


GATCO Sharpeners Edgemate Sharpening Systemcontains an assortment of Edgemate carbide sharpeners, diamond sharpening systems, and professional sharpening systems for creating razor-sharp edges. The blades of many types of cutting tools can benefit from this type of sharpening. The system is suitable for bikers, hunters, fishermen, and self-defense personnel who often need to sharpen their tools in a hurry. The Edgemate system contains GATCO exclusive angle guides with six sharpening angles to ensure really sharp edges. The product also features extra screws for clamping, and handy add-ons like coarse sharpening hones, medium-sharpening hones, and fine-sharpening accessories. Expect some of the best, scientifically formulated honing oils provided with GATCO Sharpeners Edgemate Sharpening Systems. This aids grinding of metals easily. Custom composition case is provided with some of these sharpeners. 

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