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Smith & Wesson Knives


Since 1852, Smith & Wesson has been one of the leading manufacturers of knives, restraints, and ammunition. They have successfully empowered Americans with freedom, equality, and security. This company was born with the desire of Horace Smith and Daniel Baird Wesson to develop a Volcanic Rifle. The founders thus made history by creating a repeating firearm, using a self-contained cartridge. In the earlier days, they operated from Norwich in Connecticut, US. However, now their corporate headquarter is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. After a lot of corporate changes, it has now become a unit of American Outdoor Brands Corporation. Further, S&W has also been supporting sports shooting, which has been the country’s longest-running competitive activity since the 1850s. The challenging sports vibe is kept alive by developing new products and activities. With decades of experience, the company has remained a popular choice due to its unique, innovative design, high-quality production, and reliability.


After gaining popularity, Smith & Wesson has become proud sponsors for the successful careers of the world's most legendary shooters like Dough Koenig, Julie Goloski Golob, and Jerry Miculek. The company extensively produces Outdoor Gears, S&W Knives, Cutting Tools, and other safety products. Thus, their equipment is quite popular amongst military personnel, travelers, outdoorsmen, and adventure enthusiasts. There is a wide variety of accessories that S&W manufactures that include axes, flashlights, handcuffs, watches, tactical pens, t-shirts, caps, pepper spray, and more. The rigorous quality checks and usage of premium materials make each product highly functional. Browse through Smith & Wesson knives available in dozens of styles across specialized series that stand up to any task. The purpose-driven designs are suitable for tackling tactical and combat situations.


All about the Impressive Smith & Wesson Knives

The manufacturing of knives was an obvious step for S&W since the venture focuses on safety and security. The tactical knives were made in-house in the beginning. However, for some time (1986-1993) Vermont Cutlery Co of West Rutland VT manufactured knives for them. Today, all the Smith & Wesson knives are made and sold by Taylor Cutlery. A lot of the knives are also made overseas for the police and military. The wide range of knife designs offered include rescue, tactical, automatic, and assisted open knives. The large folding pocket knives are further outfitted with Multipurpose Assisted Generational Innovative Cutlery (MAGIC) technology and proprietary technology developed by Taylor Brand engineers. These knives are further available in a variety of finishes such as urban camo, flat black Teflon coating, and a kind of desert finish (i.e a sand-colored handle with a black or satin finished blade).


The items not covered under the warranty of Smith & Wesson Knives are rusted/spotted/stained blade, broken knife tip, broken/bent handle, dull/chipped blade, and scratched blade coating. Although only the finest quality materials are used for crafting knives, still metal ages with time. So, you need to take care of your blade to maintain its sharpness for a longer period. Clean the blade frequently after every use with a clean cloth or suitable cleaning product. All the self-defense knives are designed and made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the end-user. The price of all the knives is decided to ensure that everyone who wishes to buy them can have them without digging a hole in their pocket.


Explore Wide Range of S&W Knife Designs

Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knives:  Fixed Blade Knives Series by Smith & Wesson offers you a range of knives featuring rubberized handles for a firm and reliable grip. These non-folding knives are used for a wide range of tasks including hunting, camping, field game, prying, cutting, slicing, and more. The black powder-coated stainless false edge dagger blade makes the non-folding knife resistant to rust and corrosion. Lanyard holes allow you to extend the knives with an elongated cord for increased visibility, making them easy to spot in needed situations. Black molded composition boot clip sheath provides you the convenience of carrying and easy storage. Select a tactile fixed blade knife from the classic collection of the Smith & Wesson Series and embellish your toolkit with high-performance gear!


Smith & Wesson Folding Pocket Knives: The Folding Pocket Knives Series by the manufacturer envisages some highly durable folding pocket knives that are suitable for everyday carry. The knives in this niche differ in their locking mechanism. Explore the series for knives with unique locking mechanisms – assisted opening, button lock, frame lock, liner lock, and lockback. These locking mechanisms keep the knives from closing prematurely. The knives exhibit aluminum handles that ensure firm and tight grip, making knives ideal for prolonged use. Some of the knives also have titanium powder coating on the handles and blades which makes them impact-resistant and highly durable. Explore the series for traditional pocket knives, Black Ops knives, Border Guard knives, Extreme Ops knives, and First Response Knives. The knives handle tasks like cutting, piercing, chopping, and grinding easily. Expect the series to include knives with drop point blade, tanto blade, partially serrated tanto blade, and partially serrated drop point blade. They cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, knife collectors, trekkers, hikers, and hunters.

Smith & Wesson Assisted Opening Knives: If you are looking for a knife that serves well in any situation, gear up for the Smith & Wesson Assisted Opening Pocket Knives series! Combining style, quality, and performance, these knives cover everything from bushcraft to self-defense. Equipped with form-fitting aluminum handles, the liner lock folding pocket knives are highly preferred among hunters, trekkers, and other outdoorsmen. Designed to prepare you for any tactical situation, these pocket knives help you accomplish your cutting tool requirements. The stainless-steel material makes the knives resistant to rust and corrosion. Providing a secure grip with a rubber inlay design, these folding pocket knives are considered ideal EDCs - everyday pocket knives. Explore a wide range of pocket knives that offer impressive and accurate performance.


Smith & Wesson Axes: This Smith & Wesson series includes a classic combination of knives and axes that are equipped with rubberized and Kraton handles to ensure a tight grip and accuracy in every task. Made of high-quality carbon steel head and stainless blade, these knives, and axes are corrosion resistant with maximum longevity. The full tang construction of knives and axes allows you to use them with an increased force for heavy-duty tasks. These tactile gears are supplied in a compatible nylon sheath that offers safe and easy storage. Browse through the Smith & Wesson series to get a reliable axe or a combo of knife and axe for your toolkit!


Smith & Wesson Batons: Smith & Wesson Baton Series introduces you to high-performance collapsible batons that are lightweight and easy to carry! Designed to work effectively and competently, these batons are made of stainless steel to ensure maximum resistance to rust and corrosion and exceptional tool life. Used by law enforcement mainly, the Smith & Wesson batons feature hard-anodized seamless aluminum steel, telescoping friction lock construction, and textured rubberized handles for a secure grip in any type of condition—wet or dry. Each Smith & Wesson Baton comes with a high-grade nylon belt sheath for easy and safe storage. The Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer of these batons promises a tight grip. Explore this series and select a baton that will be your go-to tool from the law enforcement toolbox.


Smith & Wesson Boot Knives: Your search for an economical and innovative boot knife will end on exploring this series. The full tang fixed blade boot knives are made with stone-washed high carbon stainless-steel dual-edged spear point blades with dual finger choils. Some of the TPE handle slabs come with a lanyard hole, pommel jimping, and supreme leather boot/belt sheath with a secure snap. These knives are crafted in China and are perfect for military and police personnel. Some of the Boot Knives from the series come with a protective sheath, which allows the user to easily carry the knife. The sheath also protects the knife against harsh environments. This series further includes combat boot knives, daggers, and tanto blade boot knives. 

Smith & Wesson Cleaning & Maintenance Kits: The Cleaning & Maintenance Kits by Smith and Wesson Knives are one-in-all kits for the maintenance of your tactical pistols. Proper cleaning and lubrication of personal firearms ensures resistance against undue wear and tear as well as increases longevity. Whether a pistol is used frequently or is stored most of the time, it can gather dust and dirt that may reduce the efficacy of the weapon. Smith & Wesson Knives - Compact Pistol Cleaning Kit is a heavy-duty gun cleaning kit that helps in cleaning and maintenance and is suitable for all pistols, modern or antique. The kit has caliber handguns, threaded nylon cleaning brush, stainless cleaning pick, stainless cleaning rod, patches, bronze bore brushes, nylon jags, and all the other tools that you need to clean your pistols. This pistol maintenance kit is divided into sections with organizers, making it a convenient and smart toolkit that makes access to what you need, simple and efficient. The Smith and Wesson Kit come boxed with a hanging tab.


Smith & Wesson Eyewear: Impact protection safety glasses by Smith & Wesson are perfect for both at work and home. The Equalizer Safety Glasses are supremely reliable with a gunmetal frame and indoor/outdoor lenses. Stylish frames feature sport-grip temples that reduce slippage, while the dual lenses provide wraparound protection. S&W Glasses are fashionable solutions created for all-day comfort while on a drive, on the job, doing yard work, or at the gun range. The wide range of eyewear features different colored lenses and frame designs. What remains common in all the glasses is the high-grade quality and superb performance. The lenses are covered with an anti-scratch coating that prevents lens damage. These safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+2010 standards with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. With different lens options for different environments, eye fatigue is reduced. Further, the glasses from the S&W Eyewear collection provide 99.9% UVA/UVB/UVC protection to prevent eye damage like retinal damage, cataracts, and other conditions that can result in temporary vision loss.


Smith & Wesson Flashlights: In the Smith & Wesson flashlights series, you will find flashlights that are designed with perfection. S & W flashlights are ultra-bright, durable, and functional to perfectly redefine the way you look at flashlights! Ensuring high-end accuracy, the water-resistant flashlights are the preferred choice for hunters, trekkers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Serving the needs in many tactical situations, the flashlights enhance your survival kit with an abundance of utility. Constructed with anodized aluminum, the impact-resistant lumen flashlights are just what you need while going for an adventure. Most of the flashlights feature the ON/OFF button located on the flashlight’s barrel and an ON/OFF located conveniently on the top of the headlamp, the functional design makes it easy to use in any situation. Select a durable S & W flashlight that could give you reliability in a multitude of extreme situations.


Smith & Wesson Handcuffs: Smith & Wesson handcuffs are fabricated from the finest quality carbon or stainless steel. They are made with heat-treated internal lock works, featuring smooth ratchets for swift cuffing and double locks to prevent tampering. Smith & Wesson handcuffs meet or exceed demanding U.S. National Institute of Justice tests for workmanship, strength, corrosion, and tamper resistance. Designed for special security situations, the double lock key handcuffs are a proven worldwide leader in police handcuffs. The solid nickel construction of the handcuffs ensures rust and corrosion resistance. Manufactured with the finest quality material, these S & W cuffs with smooth ratchets ensure swift cuffing and double locks prevent tampering. Browse an expanding range of handcuffs by Smith & Wesson, perfectly designed for special security situations.


Smith & Wesson Karambit Knives: Smith & Wesson Karambit Knives features a huge collection of Framelock folding pocket knives that are appreciated by knife users across the world. These folding pocket knives are used by travel enthusiasts, hikers, mountaineers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Known for delivering impeccable performance, the Karambit folding knives are one of the most trusted tactical weapons owned by outdoorsmen and adventurers. The durable material construction of these knives ensures long-term usage. Blades of these knives have a matte finish; the stainless-slashing blade is used for brute chopping, cutting, piercing, and attacking. The ambidextrous thumb studs provide toughness to the knives and help in conveniently opening and closing these knives. Black G-10 handles ensure a perfect grip and give high mechanical strength to the tactical knives. An integrated index finger ring helps in a comfortable grip during deployment. The attached pocket clip helps in secure storage and quick retrieval of the knives whenever needed. Explore a wide range of knives and tactical tools from Smith & Wesson Karambit Knives, through Knife Country USA’s portal.


Smith & Wesson Multi Tools: Smith & Wesson Multi Tools Series includes various tools that serve the requirements of law enforcement personnel, travelers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The series includes products like baton caps, knives, armorer’s tools, axes, and other tools that serve as tool enhancement accessories. The baton cap in this series can absorb up to 70 joules of energy which makes it highly preferable among baton users. The multitool with Black finish stainless handle features spring-loaded needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, blade, small Phillips screwdriver, can opener, ruler, fine grit file, hexagon wrench - 3 sizes, large and small screwdrivers, bottle opener, nail puller, and saw. Black knurled aluminum housing with black stainless pocket clip ensures prolonged usage. Explore the Smith & Wesson Multi Tools Series to select a reliable cutting tool for your various requirements!


Smith & Wesson Neck Knives: Browse through this series for fine quality Neck Knives, which are small knives with a fixed blade. These are perfect to be worn around the neck through a chain or lanyard. The rigid sheath allows for quick extraction with safety. Smith & Wesson Neck Knives are extensively versatile as they keep hands free and are easy to carry. To ensure the knife is lightweight, most of such knives are without coatings on the handle. These are mostly full-tang and have a stainless blade. Add a neck knife to your outdoor activity toolkit for having a compact sharp blade always at hand.


Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray: Now walk out of your home carefree with this Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray! Serving as a personal weapon, S & W spray is the most effective method to incapacitate the attacker for more than 30 minutes. All you need to do is simply point the unit at the attacker and press the actuator which quickly causes severe irritation to the eyes, throat, and skin. This pepper spray by Smith & Wesson contains oleoresin capsicum (0.15-percent) which is derived from hot pepper and affects the eyes, nose and entire respiratory system to restrict the attacker from further aggression. The innovatively designed pepper spray is also preferred by law enforcement personnel. The high-quality composition case with belt/pocket clip and quick release keychain allows you to carry the spray easily. This series also includes a pepper spray belt sheath with black nylon construction which keeps the pepper spray hidden. Explore different sizes of pepper spray in this series and include this essential in your everyday kit!


Smith & Wesson Saws: Smith & Wesson Saws presents a range of saws used for a variety of applications like cutting, tearing, puncturing, and attacking. The premium-quality material used for the construction of these saws provides durability. These liner lock saws are used by mountain climbers, travel enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers. Black finish stainless partially serrated blades with saw back toothlike edges are ideal for cutting through hard objects. The dual thumb studs ensure assistance in opening and make the knives efficient in usage. The handles have aluminum construction that adds toughness and ensures resistance against damage and impacts. Smith & Wesson Saws are known for their high-performance and long-lasting usage. The integrated stainless pocket clip helps in the easy and safe storage of these tactical saws. These attacking saws are easy to carry and occupy minimum space in your backpack. Discover a wide range of knives and tools through Smith and Wesson Knives.


Smith & Wesson Tactical Pens: Smith & Wesson Tactical Pens series with aluminum construction serves as a multi-purpose tool. Another end is pointed, which could be used as a very effective defense tool. Another end is blunt and could be used as a control device. It can also be used as a PDA stylus or pen which can be used on most touch screen devices including iPad, Droid smartphone, Kindle eReader, etc. The aluminum construction of this pen makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. The pocket clip of the pen allows you to carry it comfortably. Unscrew the stylus cap to expose writing tips. These tactical pens are a highly effective defense tool and perfectly enhances your survival kit. Browse the expanding series to experience the EDC-friendly, tactical design of the pens by Smith & Wesson!


Smith & Wesson Watches: Smith & Wesson Watches Series comprises high-quality firefighter watches, military watches, carabiner watches, and other men's watches. carabiner watches are ideal for Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and Chefs. The built-in carabiner that is attached to a belt loop, purse, backpack adds to the functionality of the watch. The water-resistant design of S & W watches makes them highly preferable for sports and outdoor activities. The luminous hands and stainless markers make these watches highly durable. This series also includes knife and watch combos—ExtremeOps Linerlock and a Spec-Ops Diver Wristwatch that are designed with precision and accuracy. Explore the series to select a perfect watch for your EDC kit!


Smith & Wesson Search & Rescue Knives Series: A Search & Rescue Knife is generally made with a stainless-steel tanto fixed blade. With a deeply grooved rubber wrapped aluminum handle, a firm and comfortable grip over the knife is assured. S&W Search & Rescue Knives come with a ballistic polyester belt sheath with a storage pouch, which makes the knife easy to carry. With the included sharpening stone, the user can keep the blade razor-sharp. The sharp blade is further crafted with high-grade 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel for strength and durability.

Browse Through the Smith & Wesson Knife Series

Smith & Wesson Black Ops Knife Series: Searching for an extraordinary knife? The Smith & Wesson Black Ops Knife Series will get you one! Equipped with high-quality textured aluminum handles, S & W knives offer a stable and secure grip which allows you to use the knives for long hours without any hand fatigue. Considering the needs of hunters, trekkers, campers, and other adventure enthusiasts, these knives are designed to surpass your expectations. Aesthetically and functionally appealing designs of these knives make them the highly preferable option. The unique design of these knives with tanto blades and dual thumb studs allows you to use them for aggressive tasks. These outdoor knives serve as all-purpose utility tools and can also be pushed into service for various other scenarios—from camping to hunting, rescue, and military use.


Smith & Wesson Border Guard Knife Series: Smith & Wesson Border Guard Knife Series includes knives that are specially designed for heavy-duty tasks. The linerlock knives in the series ensure durability, safety, and ease of use. Equipped with stonewash finish G-10 handles, these knives are durable, lightweight, and impervious to water. The extended tang construction of these knives protects the handles and provides an extra surface to strike. Some of the knives in this series feature an integrated belt cutter with a glass breaker end which adds to the functionality of the knives. With standard edge stainless blades, these knives are corrosion and rust-resistant. Select an all-purpose tactile tool from the expanding Smith & Wesson Border Guard Knife Series!


Smith & Wesson Bullseye Knife Series: Smith & Wesson Bullseye Knife Series includes high-quality knives that are equipped with sturdy rubberized handles for prolonged usage. Most of the knives in this series feature stainless gut hook blades that are resistant to rust and corrosion. The raised bullet embossing ensures durability and the lanyard hole gives you an added benefit of extending the knife with paracord. The metal pocket clip allows you to attach the knife to your backpack or pocket for the added convenience of carrying. Compact design and lightweight construction make these knives easy to use, thus making them a perfect addition to any EDC kit.


Smith & Wesson Delta-Force Flash-Light Series: The Smith & Wesson M&P Delta Force is an extra bright USB rechargeable flashlight with a tactical design. Some of the flashlight models from the series feature a tail cap ON/OFF switch and a crenulated head for heavy-duty use. These flashlights show superb performance in every task with memory retention and 4 mode functions. The mid-sized, anodized aerospace aluminum construction makes these flashlights ready for every job. These are further supplied with a USB to Micro USB Charging Cord. Made in China, black color can be seen dominating as most of the flashlights are finished in black. Made with quality materials, the flashlights are water and impact-resistant, which also increases their lifespan.


Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Knife Series: Serving not only as an everyday cutting tool but also as a tactical weapon, knives under Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Knife Series are equipped with aluminum handles with an integrated seat belt cutter and a glass breaker for emergency usages. The all-purpose knife is a preferred choice among trekkers, campers, and other knife enthusiasts. The dual thumb studs ensure a tight grip and allow you to use them for aggressive tasks. The partially serrated tanto blades ensure precise cutting. The well-designed, ergonomic knife with a belt cutter is an ideal match for your travel/survival kit. The slot cutouts provide an impressive grip for comfortable use. Perfect size, utility, and ergonomics—the Extreme Ops knife is a true everyday carry. You can easily take the knife along in your bug-out bag, in a purse, or your pocket. Explore the expanding series for a perfect wild knife for your outdoor excursions!


Smith & Wesson First Response Rescue Knife Series: Smith & Wesson First Response Knife Series offers a selection of high-quality knives that are equipped with matte finish stainless blades with thumb lugs. The stainless construction makes the knives resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring extended durability. The etched first response adds to the authenticity of the S & W knife and is sure to make an impression. The integrated seat belt cutter and glass breaker augments the functionality of these knives and makes them highly desirable among knife enthusiasts. Designed with a classic combination of innovative design and accuracy, these knives deliver superior performance in hostile conditions. The extended tang construction of the knives allows you to use them with an increased striking force for heavy-duty tasks. Glance through the expanding series and select a reliable first response knife for your survival kit!

Smith & Wesson Grip Swap Knife Series: The Grip Swap Knives by S&W have tactical styling and an impressive high-strength feel. Each of the blades exhibits extreme toughness and exceptional edge retaining capabilities with an 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. These fixed blades are equipped with Grip Swap Technology that allows the user to conveniently exchange the handle from one to another. The wide handles of Grip Swap Knives are ideal for smaller hands or more delicate tasks. For swapping the handle, just unscrew the glass breaker by sliding the pin tool into the opening. Then carefully separate the handle from the blade and slide the other handle and screw the glass beaker back on. The tactical fixed blade knives are made in China. Add a grip swap knife to adjust or fit the handle as per the job or requirement.

Smith & Wesson Homeland Security Knife Series: Homeland Security Knife Series by Smith & Wesson features classic, convenient, and multi-purpose knives that are highly preferable for your everyday home and outdoor tasks. Serving as a security tool, these knives are lightweight yet highly efficient. The full tang construction of these knives allows you to use them for aggressive tasks. Equipped with G-10 handles and lanyard holes, the fixed blade knives ensure a tight grip and prolonged usage. The Urban Titanium Camo coating makes the knives resistant to rust and corrosion. A perfect blend of design and utility, these Smith & Wesson Knives are strong enough to be used for various tasks. The Black heavy nylon belt sheath with hardshell liner and stone pocket promises easy and safe storage. Browse through a classic range of Homeland Security Knife Series and make a perfect addition to your travel/survival kit.

Smith & Wesson HRT Knife Series: Smith & Wesson HRT Knife Series includes knives that are equipped with high-quality rubberized handles which provide tight grip and ensure prolonged usage. The fixed blade knives in this series feature a Black finish stainless double edge blade which provides rust and corrosion resistance. The lightweight design of the knives makes these highly preferable among trekkers, campers, and other knife enthusiasts. Designed to provide non-slip grip no matter what the weather is, the HRT knives allow you to use these for long hours without hand fatigue. The fixed blade knives are supplied in a durable leather belt sheath for secure carry. Explore the expanding series and choose a reliable weapon for your survival kit.

Smith & Wesson M2.0 Knife Series: The M2.0 Liner Lock Knives feature a black aluminum stainless-steel blade with a textured and raised rubberized aluminum handle. Other features that make Smith & Wesson M2.0 Knife a popular choice are a window punch, a strap cutter, and a pocket clip. The blade boasts 8Cr13MoV oxide coated high-carbon stainless steel construction that makes it durable and a reliable companion in challenging situations. With the dual-action switch, the user can switch between the Manual and Assisted Opening. The other features that contribute to its excellent performance are spring-assisted opening, liner lock, thumb stud, Tungsten window punch, pocket clip, and strap cutter. Add this tough knife to your toolkit and you’ll always be ready to tackle any challenging situation.

Smith & Wesson Magic Knife Series: The name says it all! Magic Knife Series by Smith & Wesson include knives that are highly versatile and do a lot more than you expect. These multi-purpose knives with liner lock design serve not only as assisted, generational tools but also as innovative cutlery tools. The tactical stainless blade is resistant to rust and corrosion. Equipped with aluminum handles, these knives are highly durable, ensuring tight grip and prolonged usage. These folding knives stand out in terms of performance as well as design. The liner lock frame ensures that the blade is safely deployed, preventing accidental closure. Explore the classic range of magic knives to select an everyday-carry cutting tool.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police (M&P) Knife Series: Smith & Wesson Military & Police M&P Knife Series includes an array of tools that are essential for military and police personnel like knives, tactical pens, and quality quartz watches. The scratch-resistant watch with Black silicone wrist strap makes it a highly preferred option. The folding knives in this series feature a linerlock mechanism that prevents the blade from accidental closure. Equipped with aluminum handles, these knives ensure a tight grip and allow you to use them for a longer period. The lightweight construction of the knives makes it highly preferable among trekkers, hunters, and other outdoorsmen. Glance through the Smith & Wesson Military and Police Series to select a reliable tactile tool for your survival and travel kit!

Smith & Wesson Night-Guard Flash-Light Series: This series includes high-power flashlights The easy-to-operate, compact design flashlights contain dual digital buttons that indicate red/green or white. Each flashlight model from the series is highly durable as they are ANSI FL1 certified and constructed from anodized aerospace aluminum. The three secondary LED colors available are red, blue, and green. Use it under low light conditions, preserve night vision, or signal for awareness. The multi-functional flashlights from the series are lightweight and easily pack inside a bag.

Smith & Wesson Oasis Knife Series: Smith & Wesson Oasis Knife Series includes high-quality liner lock folding knives that serve as a classic addition to your survival kit. The Black coated stainless handles with machined hole cutouts ensure a tight grip and prolonged usage. From kitchen counters to the campsite chores, from hunt to survival, these folding knives perform everything with ease. The lanyard hole design of the knives can be used to increase the visibility of the knife when extended with a cord. The stainless black titanium-coated blade with dual thumb studs of the oasis knife series is designed for handling tough and precise cutting tasks. The textured handles offer a superior grip even in rough weather conditions. The lightweight design makes it highly portable and a preferable option for hunters, travelers, and outdoorsmen.

Smith & Wesson OTF (OUT-THE FRONT) Knife Series: If you’re looking for a knife that will serve as a tactical tool, consider the OTF (Out-The-Front) Knife Series by Smith & Wesson. Equipped with aluminum handles, S & W Knives ensure a tight grip and allow you to use them for aggressive tasks. The folding pocket knives with a finger actuator add to the functionality. Designed to prepare you for any tactical situation, these pocket knives help you accomplish your cutting tool requirements. The stainless tanto blade makes the knives resistant to rust and corrosion. With a stable and secure grip, the OTF knife fits comfortably in your hand and ensures prolonged usage. The durable sheath offers safety to the blade and the metal clip adds to the portability of the knife. Explore the classic collection of OTF (Out-The-Front) Series and choose a perfect companion for your outdoor excursions.

Smith & Wesson Special Ops Knife Series: Smith & Wesson Special Ops Knife Series includes functional tools that are highly preferred by outdoorsmen, military, and civilians. Equipped with thermoplastic handles, these knives ensure a tight grip and allow you to use them for aggressive tasks. Some of the knives in this series feature OD handles that fit comfortably in your hand and ensure prolonged usage. Offering a myriad of uses, you can certainly rely upon these knives while you are outdoors. The MOLLE compatible knives add to the superior construction of the knives. Featuring a nylon scabbard that works with a knife as a wire cutter, these exclusively designed knives are highly desirable. Simply, choose from the expanding series and add reliable outdoor gear to your toolbox!

Smith & Wesson SWAT Knife Series: Smith & Wesson SWAT Knife Series includes knives that are specially designed for the needs of special service units that involve aggressive tasks and require high-performance knives. Equipped with anodized aluminum handles, these knives ensure a tight grip and allow you to use them for aggressive tasks. The standard edge of the knives makes them suitable for heavy outdoor tasks and highly preferable for trekkers, campers, and other outdoorsmen. Featuring a reliable liner lock mechanism and dual thumb studs, these folding knives are easy to deploy in tactical situations. The stainless blades are strong, hard, and resistant to corrosion and rust. These outdoor tools feature a lanyard hole for higher visibility and ease of use. Explore a classic range of knives by Smith & Wesson and choose a reliable knife to enhance your survival kit.

Warranty Policy of Smith & Wesson Knives

Every Smith & Wesson Knives product is guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Smith & Wesson Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Smith & Wesson Knives product that is defective. Smith & Wesson Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Smith & Wesson Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Smith & Wesson Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

Contact Knife Country USA for more information about your warranty.

If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your Smith & Wesson Knives product, please contact us and we will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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