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Smith & Wesson Knives

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Smith & Wesson Knives

Did you know? One of the oldest and most respected names in firearms is also one of the most trusted names in knives. Following the same blueprint of innovative quality that led to the creation of pistols like the .357 Magnum, Smith & Wesson knives and accessories bring all the style, sensibility, and performance of S&W's 160-plus years of experience to hundreds of the ultimate cutting tools.


Form-fitting handles. Black basket weave sheaths. Tactical and combat-ready orientations. Purpose-driven designs. Whether you are planning to go hunting, camping, fishing, or to serve your country, Smith & Wesson knives will serve you well, with dozens of styles across specialized series built to stand up to any task. S&W also offers tons of additional accessories beyond knives and cutting, including watches, flashlights, pepper spray, tactical pens, and more -- and we have them all here.

Smith & Wesson knives: There's no such thing as one size fits all.

In our experience, a knife that claims it fits any situation hardly fits any situations at all. That's why Smith & Wesson knives are built around you, your style, and your needs. Assisted opening, automatic, button lock, fixed blade, multitools, there's as many needs as there are knife users, and all S&W knives are built with that simple fact in mind.

When you need a knife that can be out, open, and ready for duty faster than other blades, then gear up for a Smith & Wesson Black Ops Knife. If you need a little more flexibility in your mission, then take it to the edge with a Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Knife. If you need a fixed blade that's built to keep you alive, then get ready to protect what matters most with the Smith & Wesson Homeland Security Series. There are dozens of other series to choose from, with emphases on everything from bushcraft to self-defense.

Knife Country USA is where you can buy the best Smith & Wesson knives online.

We aren't Amazon, and we're proud of it. When you're looking for a tool that lives may depend on, you want to deal with people who know what they're talking about. Knives are what we do, are almost all we do, and we've carefully selected every item we offer for a reason. We represent only the most elite brands in the industry, we offer deals that can't be outmatched, and we provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on every item we sell. We also give you free shipping on orders over $89. If you have questions about S&W knives or anything on our website, you can contact us directly at (800) 342-9118 or send us an email. Let's talk knives!

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