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Smith & Wesson HRT Knife Series by Smith & Wesson Knives

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Smith & Wesson knives is a leading manufacturer in the niche of law enforcement and other outdoor gear that ensure lifetime of performance. Entering the world of innovation, Smith & Wesson knives offers classic combination of design and functionality. Smith and Wesson as partners introduced new designs of fire arms, knives and other law enforcement tools and today, the company has an extensive range of fixed blade knives, firearms, machetes, axes, flashlights and more.


Smith & Wesson HRT Knife Series include knives that are equipped with high-quality rubberized handles which provide tight grip and ensures prolonged usage. The fixed blade knives in this series features Black finish stainless double edge blade which provides rust and corrosion resistance. The lightweight design of the knives makes these highly preferable among trekkers, campers, and other knife enthusiasts. Designed to provide non-slip grip no matter what the weather is, the HRT knives allow you to use these for long hours without hand fatigue. The fixed blade knives are supplied in a durable leather belt sheath for secure carry. Explore the expanding series and choose a reliable weapon for your survival kit.

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