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Smith & Wesson came into existence in 1852. Founded by Horace Smith and Daniel Baird Wesson, the brand is known for manufacturing some of the finest quality of knives and tools. The tactical products by Smith and Wesson are appreciated by a wide range of customers all across the world. Today, the company owns a flourished inventory that is serving the law enforcement personnel, hunters, trekkers, and outdoorsmen.


Smith & Wesson Saws presents a range of saws used for a variety of applications like cutting, tearing, puncturing, and attacking. The premium-quality material used for the construction of these saws provides durability. These liner lock saws are used by mountain climbers, travel enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers. Black finish stainless partially serrated blade with saw back toothlike edge are ideal for cutting through hard objects. The dual thumb studs ensure assistance in opening and make the knives efficient in usage. The handles have aluminum construction that adds toughness and ensures resistance against damage and impacts. Smith & Wesson Saws are known for their high-performance and long-lasting usage. The integrated stainless pocket clip helps in easy and safe storage of these tactical saws. These attacking saws are easy-to-carry and occupy minimal space in your bag-pack. Discover a wide range of knives and tools through Smith and Wesson Knives.


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