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Kanetsune Seki: A Brand of Kitasho Co. Ltd.

Back in 1964, Kitasho Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Seki City, Japan, under the guidance of experienced craftsmen and professionals. Seki City, located in the middle of Japan, is known as the “The City of Cutlery”. The legacy has been carried and passed on to the present generations, which reflects the quality and designs of the product line. The manufacturing of cutlery and wholesaling started in 1930. And, since then no turning back; the company has grown by leaps and bounds.


Applauses and Recognition on The Global Platform

The brand has been named “Kanetsune”, after the famous swordsmith, Kanetsune. Kanetsune lived in the Muromachi period around 14-15 century and was known to deliver extremely tough and the finest Katanas that were praised by many Samurais in Japan and overseas. Few of his intricately crafted swords are still displayed in the Katana Museum in Seki city.


What Distinguishes Kanetsune Seki from Other Brands?

Proudly made in Japan, the Kanetsune Seki knives are listed amidst the most desirable and highly functional stainless-steel knives that are widely being used for tactical and everyday purposes and are ideal for real-life knife users, adventure seekers, hunters, trekkers, and vacationists. But what makes Kanetsune Seki different from others, the defining factor is the ergonomically designed knives with exceedingly sharp edges offering unsurpassed experience and performance. These tactical knives are perfect examples of traditional old-school methods blend with the latest technology. Retaining the essence of the traditional crafting techniques, Kanetsune Seki has always strived hard for improvement and enhanced performance every time. Undoubtedly, every knife by Kanetsune Seki represents the Japanese inherited techniques, the most common and famous example is the katana, which was made years ago and to date never disappoints with its preciseness. Meticulous old-school techniques with flawless craftsmanship are what Kanetsune Seki delivers.


The tactical and everyday carry knives by Kanetsune Seki are made using high-grade material inclusive of Japanese high carbon steel offering exceptional durability and structural stability. Not just this, the knives have full tang construction as well; many of the knives have steel core sandwiched with the “Kuro-Uchi” finished soft iron. There are knives with Japanese traditionally designed straight blades that are specifically made of AUS-8 stainless steel complemented by the Liner lock mechanism. Many of the product uses high-grade Japanese oak wood for the handle material, for axes, another range of products with quality and highly durable materials.


Browsing Through Kanetsune Knife Categories

Kanetsune Fixed Blade Knives: The knives in this series are primarily designed and manufactured using the finest grade 420J2 stainless, SRK-8 high carbon, and Damascus steel blades that can withstand extreme pressure and compression while using in tactical situations and tasks. The blades are precisely cut and have sharp edges to ensure that there is no fuss while penetrating through any of the surfaces. The provision of polypropylene and oak handles adds to the strength and makes it much comfortable for the users to hold for longer durations, for carrying out tedious tasks.

Kanetsune Kitchen KnivesThe knives in this series are constructed with high-quality 420J2 stainless steel, AUS-6 stainless blade, and VG-1 stainless steel. The use of this material helps in performing impeccably well in demanding situations where high strength is required. The blades are born tough and work smoothly even after multiple roughest uses. The handles are made using mahogany wood, offering a comfortable hold and secure grip.


Pick from The Massive Kanetsune Knife Series

Kanetsune Fruit Knife Series: Meant for the daily utility tasks inclusive of chopping and cutting. The Fruit Knife Series is primarily designed using the qualitative 420J2 stainless blades that can perform laudably well without getting stuck in between or getting distorted under high pressure and compression. These knives have wooden handles that offer a secure grip and comfortable hold for tedious situations.

Kanetsune Knives Subaru Series: These knives are manufactured using exceptional quality VG-10 Damascus steel that induces impeccable strength to the knives. The drop point blades pierce flawlessly through most of the surfaces and survive even after multiple roughest uses. The handles are constructed with smooth wood that offers a secure grip and comfortable hold in most challenging situations.

Kanetsune Gyutou Knife Series: The knives in this series are primarily designed using AUS-10A stainless and Japanese Aogami steel that can withstand commendable pressure, without getting distorted. The blades with precisely designed sharp edges penetrate flawlessly through most of the surfaces, making them suitable for chopping and thrashing, and many more tactical tasks.

Kanetsune Pretty Knife Series: The series features knives manufactured using VG-10 33-layer Damascus steel and Japanese Aogami steel, which induces commendable strength and ability to withstand distortion and compression. The provision of wood handles offers a secure grip and comfortable hold while performing tactical situations.

Kanetsune Nail Clipper Knife Series: This series is an assortment of excellent quality nail clippers and accessories. These are the widely used nail clippers that are manufactured using qualitative high carbon chromium coated steel that can perform extremely well even after roughest uses. The nail clippers are provided with the integrated slide-open clipping reservoir for utmost user convenience.

Kanetsune Santoku Knife Series: Manufactured using the finest and sturdy Japanese Aogami steel and DSR-1K6 HC stainless blades, the knives in this series have extremely sharp and precisely designed edges that help to penetrate smoothly and that too without getting stuck anywhere or getting distorted.

Kanetsune Sazanami Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured using the finest grade and durable range of knives that are designed using SRK-8 high carbon steel blades having impeccable strength to survive under high compression and distortion. The use of this blade material with the polished Tsuchime finish along with the engraved design helps to impart great performance and aesthetics too. The handles are commendable and offer a secure grip while using.

Kanetsune Takumi-Katana Knife Series: The knives of this series are made with optimum quality 15 layers Damascus steel blades, offering excellent performance even after roughest and toughest usage. These knives have the required strength and ability to perform impeccably well under compression and high pressure. The penetrating ability of the blades is flawless. The blades have flawless dramatic tones that impart a great look. Apart from this, the handles are wide and comfortable to be used in most demanding situations.

Kanetsune Usubagata Knife Series: The knives in this series are primarily designed using a qualitative VG-10 stainless blade that can survive high compression and pressure. The blunt tip blades are precisely cut and designed to offer high performance over the years. The wooden handles of the knives add to the structural stability and work perfectly fine with time; it also offers an optimum grip for performing tedious tasks with ease

Kanetsune Kengata Knife Series: The knives in this series are specifically designed using the finest grade blade material including the VG-10 stainless blades that offer extremely high performance, without distorting or slipping off while using. The edges are perfectly sharpened, while the provision of a smooth wood handle makes it easier and even more smooth to hold the knives for a longer duration.

Kanetsune Knife Sharpeners: Maintain the sharpness of your knives on the go and use the high quality perfectly designed and easy to use sharpeners that are available in different grits, as per the requirements. The Whetstone sharpeners are available in 220 Grit, 1000 Grit, and many more. These are compact and can be carried along when going out on a trek or adventure trip.

Kanetsune Santoku Knife Series: Another addition to the already existing range of knives, these Santoku Knife Series includes premium quality knives with different blade materials, many of the knives have Takefu-Shiro-2 high carbon steel core, sandwiched between SUS410 stainless steel, while many of the knives have a VG-10 33 layer Damascus steel blades, offering unsurpassed performance and quality. The wooden handles of these knives add to the strength and stability as well.

Kanetsune Yama Zakura Knife Series: The knives in this series are specifically manufactured and designed using the finest grade and durable stainless-steel material that has corrosion-resistant properties and offers optimum performance over the years. These knives have different handle materials including cherry wood handles that are utmost comfortable and are wide enough to comfortably hold the knife in hand while using.


Kanetsune Knives Warranty Information

The products at Kanetsune Knives are completely free from any kind of defects, including the designing and the manufacturing defects. If in rare cases, any of the products are found to have defected then, a concerned person from the company will inspect the defected products and will send for further repairing or replacement. The repairing of the knives solely depends on the availability of the part. In case if the product is found to be mishandled or misused, then no claims will be entertained against that product. The knives are not intended to be used as pry bars, hammers that can hamper the performance and degrade the quality as well.


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