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With an emphasis on functionality and reasonable prices, Cool Hand offers distinctive, elegant, and practical everyday carry gear. They aim to bring you a large variety of high-quality items that will allow you to give your beloved handgun or rifle a new life by outfitting it with their set of premium-quality G10 or Carbon-Fiber grip panels which are practical and stylish. Cool Hand also features a wide variety of knives, tactical pens, and other EDC goods that you will adore for their great designs and innovative construction materials. 


For professional chefs, home cooks, culinary students, and industry experts alike, Cool Hand delivers premium, innovative, and practical everyday kitchen knives. Their assortment of one-of-a-kind knives can help you revitalize your kitchen. They have created three distinct knife lines to meet the needs of every chef.



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Cool Hand is a premium brand that designs and manufactures an extensive collection of culinary knives that will meet your everyday needs. These are meticulously crafted to ensure that you make the most of your skills and enjoy a seamless cooking experience, whether you are cooking at home or a Michelin-star restaurant. At Knife Country USA, you can explore their line of products in great detail: 


Cool Hand Chef’s Knives: Designed to help you perform every culinary task like a pro, Cool Hand introduces you to their Chef’s Knives collection. These steel kitchen knives include the German 1.4116 high carbon stainless steel blade with ebony wood full tang handle that will help you chop vegetables and fruits precisely. Its ergonomically designed handle will easily fit your hand for convenient usage. Their hammered Damascus Steel Chef’s Kitchen Knife with polished Cocobolo wood handle will help you chop and slice various meat. The taper grinding from horizontal and vertical directions will make cutting an effortless task. Their hammered Sandwich Steel Knife with Ebony handle is crafted with three layers of 440C carbon-rich stainless steel and taper grinding. This collection also incorporates a G10 handle so you can get a better grip and choose the one that meets your requirements.


Cool Hand Nakiri Knives: Designed with a perfectly balanced weight to help you chop vegetables, their Nakiri Knife is crafted from a premium-quality 67-layer VG10 Damascus steel blade for a sturdy yet flexible performance that will help you do the job effortlessly. It is designed with a highly polished Cocobolo wood full tang handle. This knife has an impressive mosaic rivet on the handle that adds an eye-pleasing touch to the design. Its blade is sharpened at 12-17 degrees to retain maximum sharpness. The full tang handle on the knife is ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly.


Cool Hand Paring Knives: Cut, slice, and chop fruits and vegetables smoothly with their collection of premium-quality paring knives. These knives are intended for coring and peeling fruits but they can be used for detailed work as well. Featuring a 3.5 inch blade length, these knives are made with German 1.4116 steel with taper grinding from the horizontal and vertical direction so you can get an effortless cutting experience. These knives are crafted with both an Ebony handle and a G10 handle. While the ebony wood handle feels dense and smooth to hold, the G10 handle offers reliable strength in various weather conditions.


Cool Hand Santoku Knives: A must-have knife for every kitchen, a Santoku knife is an incredibly versatile culinary addition that can be used for slicing, mincing, and chopping. Cool Hand’s collection of Santoku Knives are made with high-carbon German 1.4116 steel for long-lasting, reliable, and sturdy performance. This collection also incorporates the hammered three sandwiched layers of 440C high-carbon stainless steel, so you can use it for tasks beyond cutting and chopping such as slicing loaves of bread, pizzas, pies, and more. These German steel and hammered Santoku knives are crafted with both a G10 handle and an Ebony wood handle, allowing you to choose your best match.


Cool Hand Steak Knives: Perfect addition to your kitchen knives, the Steak Knife from Cool Hand does what the name suggests – precisely chop and slice red meat but it can be used for other variety of meats as well. The steak knives are crafted from 5 inch long German 1.4116 steel for reliable and sturdy performance. You can choose from the G10 full tang handle or the Ebony wood full tang handle so you can find the best grip and work as you please. Sharpened between 12-17 degrees to retain maximum sharpness, these full-tang steak knives have been taper grinded from variant angles for an effortless chopping and slicing experience. These knives should be cleaned with hands using mild soap.


Cool Hand Utility Knives: The Utility knives are designed to be lightweight and convenient to carry and use in the kitchen for cutting vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large pieces. The all-purpose knives are crafted in a variety of ways to suit your needs. The 5 inch utility knife is crafted from 440C sandwich steel with an Ebony wood handle for lasting uses. One of the utility knives is also designed with hammered three sandwiched layers of 440C high carbon stainless steel. It comes with an Ebony handle and bolsters, making it a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. It also comes in a G10 handle and bolster variant so you can get that perfect grip in every season. The 6 inch utility kitchen knife is made with a 67-layer VG10 Damascus steel blade and a polished Cocobolo wood full-tang handle. These ergonomically designed knives are suitable for mincing herbs, slicing fruit, peeling vegetables, and more.



Warranty Information

The Cool Hand Cutlery has a wide selection of kitchen knives for every chef. These knives will make an ideal addition to your kitchen, with high-quality metals and gorgeous wood and composite handles. Serving high-quality culinary knives, Cool Hand incorporates the finest materials, unique designs, and innovative technology to manufacture its long-lasting collection. They guarantee their products against manufacturing defects in material and construction. It is advised that the items be used and maintained as directed for the best results. Their knives have a 30-day return policy, so you can buy with confidence. Merely notify them of the reason for the return so that you can assist them in improving their products and services. This guarantee is void if the product has been altered in any way.



Discover the Finest Quality Kitchen Knife Collection at Knife Country USA

Knife Country USA is a home-grown brand that offers an extensive collection of everyday use culinary knives including bread knives, sandwich knives, steak knives, and even a complete set of knives will sharpeners so you can conveniently cook anything you like. With over 20 years of online presence and experience, we at Knife Country USA are committed to delivering exceptional services and products. Whether you are cooking at home for your family or ay a commercial kitchen, explore our ever-expanding product inventory featuring a premium collection of premium-quality knives featuring the best collection from Cool Hand Kitchen Knives. Since Cool Hand incorporates superior knife materials and a sleek design, their knives make essential kitchen equipment for everyday use. Their whole line of knives is constructed from premium steels that deliver outstanding performance, superb corrosion resistance, and outstanding edge retention. Knives made of high carbon steel have an ideal edge that is sharpened at an angle of around 12 to 17 degrees and maintain their sharpness for a long period. 


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