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Cold Steel Drop Forge Knife Series by Cold Steel Knives

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Cold Steel offers hard-handled and practically designed knives, combat knives, machetes, DVD videos, batons, blowguns, and fixed blade knives. The company was founded in 1980 by Lynn Thompson in California, United States. Cold Steel has set the example of a reliable company that ensures quality products manufactured from premium-quality material. Cold Steel products are manufactured in different fusion lines of the company located in China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Italy, and South Africa.


Cold Steel Drop Forge Knife Series offers an ergonomically-designed range of Bowie fixed blade knives manufactured in Taiwan using advanced technology and tested manufacturing process. These knives feature a single-piece construction which ensures strength and sturdiness. The blade construction is done from premium-quality high carbon steel. Most of these tactical knives have sharp clip point blade, ideal for various tasks which includes glass breaking, prying objects, slitting, carving, slicing and filleting. The Drop Forge Knife Series also offers an exclusively designed range of boot knives with double edge blades. The survival knives are available with a lanyard hole to protect the knives from losing in dense areas including mountains and forests. For safe storage and easy transportation, the tactical knives are available with Black secure Ex belt sheath. The belt sheath offers quick and easy accessibility of the knife during risky situations. Some of these single-piece knives are available with integral Ulti-Clip for safe and secured closure and to avoid injuries due to accidental openings.


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