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Cold Steel Karambit Knives by Cold Steel Knives

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Established in 1980, Cold Steel is a renowned knife manufacturing company based in California, United States. The brand was founded by Lynn Thompson and has carved its niche in the market with its well-crafted, premium-quality swords, machetes, combat knives, DVD videos, cutlery knives, blowguns, and batons. Today, the brand has its manufacturing units worldwide in countries including Japan, South Africa, United States, China, India, Italy, and Taiwan.


Cold Steel Karambit Knives series provides a brief range of exclusively designed Karambit manufactured in different countries like Japan and Taiwan. Karambit is an Indonesian Silat weapon, a great tactical tool ideal for multiple tasks including self-defense. Depending upon the model, the saw back blade is made from Black or stonewashed finished AUS- 8A stainless steel. The standard edge knives perform impeccably in various outdoor tactical and life-threatening situations. They are perfect to perform tasks which include slitting objects, prying, skinning and slicing. Karambit knives largely cater to hunters, campers, hikers, traveler, and fishermen because of their tough design, high durability, and great functionality. Some of these Karambit features a sturdy handle made from Grivory, a UV protected reinforced plastic. Other than Grivory, materials like Kraton and Black composition is used to manufacture the handles. The Karambit features finger groove handles, finger guard and finger ring pommel for a soft, comfortable and tight grip.


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