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Cold Steel Boomerangs by Cold Steel Knives

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Cold Steel is an American knife manufacturing brand that manufactures some of the best-selling outdoor tools and survival gear. The company was founded in California in 1980 by Lynn Thompson. Cold Steel tools are highly appreciated by martial artists, security personnel, military forces, hunters, outdoorsmen, and fishermen. The company is recognized globally for its high-quality standards, strong, reliable and dependable products.


 Cold Steel Boomerangs series offers ergonomically designed fixed blade knives manufactured in Taiwan. These non-returning boomerang knives are ideal for hunting and fishing purposes. The Boomerangs are easy to throw and offer accurate result. The perfectly balanced boomerangs are injected and molded from the finest-quality, high-impact polypropylene which ensures durability, high performance, reliability, and functionality. It largely caters to hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen, travelers, trekkers, and hikers. It is widely used by hunters to harvest small birds and by fishermen to catch fishes. The wood grain texture offers a steady, comfortable and tight grip to the operator. The Cold Steel Boomerangs are available in a compact design and are light in weight. They can easily fit in the pocket, camp kit, hunting bag, tuff box or backpack. Find the complete range of fixed blade boomerang knives by Cold Steel Knives and Tools at Knife Country USA.


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