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Discover the Robust Collection of Cold Steel Machetes at Knife Country USA


Embark on an adventure with the unyielding strength and precision of Cold Steel Machetes, now available at Knife Country USA. These machetes are more than just tools; they are faithful companions for the outdoorsman, the survivalist, and the backyard enthusiast. Cold Steel has established a formidable reputation for producing some of the most durable and reliable machetes on the market, and we're proud to host a vast selection of their best products.


Heavy Machete Sheath CSSC97LHM: Begin your collection with the essential protection for your blade, the Heavy Machete Sheath. Constructed from tough Cordura and featuring taped riveted seams, this sheath ensures your machete is always at the ready and secure.


Cutlass Machete CS97DRMS: For those who favor the classic look and feel, the Cutlass Machete offers a long, carbon steel blade with a baked-on anti-rust finish, perfect for slicing through dense vegetation or impressing friends at a reenactment.


Bowie Machete CS97BWM12S: The Bowie Machete blends the rugged frontier spirit with modern engineering. Its 12-inch blade and polypropylene handle create a balance perfect for any cutting task.


Jungle Machete CS97JMS: Designed for the wild at heart, this Jungle Machete is tailored for the untamed environment, featuring a 16-inch carbon steel blade that can clear a path or prepare a campsite with ease.


Barong Machete CS97BAM18S: This piece is not only a tool but a piece of art. With its distinct shape and full tang construction, it offers unmatched control and cutting power.


Filipino Memorial Bolo CS88CT: Honor history with this bolo, showcasing a rosewood handle and a brass guard, perfect for collectors and historians alike.


The list continues with Latin D Guard Machetes, Kukri Machetes, and the tactical prowess of Tanto and Wakizashi Machetes. Each model has been meticulously crafted with premium materials and designed to offer maximum efficiency and durability in various environments.


Cold Steel's commitment to quality is evident in the craftsmanship of these tools. Whether you are navigating the jungle, managing your land, or preparing for an emergency, these machetes are built to perform. With Knife Country USA, you can explore this diverse range, each accompanied by a detailed description and a direct link to our website, ensuring that you can shop with confidence and convenience.

For the outdoor enthusiast who demands the best, the tactical operator preparing for any scenario, or the collector seeking the finest in machete craftsmanship, Cold Steel's range available at Knife Country USA is unrivaled. Dive into our collection and select a companion that will not let you down.

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