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Cold Steel Panga Machete Series by Cold Steel Knives

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Cold Steel is a leading company in the knife market that manufactures premium-quality outdoor tools and accessories. The company was founded by Lynn Thompson in California, the United States in 1980. The brand offers a brief and extensive range of the finest-quality products including swords, fixed blade knives, DVD videos, machetes, tomahawks, combat knives, batons, and blowguns. Cold Steel claims to produce the world’s strongest, highly durable, and sharpest products that cater to outdoorsy men and professionals.


Cold Steel Panga Machete series offers tough and practically designed machetes manufactured with great precision in China and South Africa. Most of these curved tip machetes have long blades made from premium-quality 1055 carbon steel blade with a black baked-on anti-rust matte finish. Depending on the model, these heavy-duty machetes have either a utility edge, for crushing through tasks or a sharpened edge for extended cutting strength. These standard edge machetes feature Black polypropylene or nylon handles which offer a comfortable, tight and soft grip to the user during prolonged use. The hard-handled and practically designed machetes are perfect for a variety of outdoor tasks including bush crafting, trimming gardens, cutting and chopping. As per the type and model of the machetes, some of these machetes are available with robust Black nylon sheaths. The sheaths allow for easy accessibility, safe storage and convenient transportation of these sharp machetes. Cold Steel Panga Machetes highly cater to hikers, hunters, travelers, camping, fishermen, professionals, and outdoorsmen.


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