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Blackfox Action Knives: The Ultimate Blend of Elegance and Utility


Blackfox Knives continues its legacy of crafting blades that are both functionally impeccable and aesthetically captivating. The Blackfox Action Knives series stands as a testament to this commitment. These knives, inspired by real-world needs and challenges, are designed to provide quick action and reliable utility. Ideal for daily use and specialized tasks, the Action Knives range is versatile, durable, and effortlessly stylish.


Discover the Pinnacle of Blackfox Action Knives:


1. Blackfox 737 - Red Action Linerlock Knife (BF737): A vibrant red G10 handle sets this knife apart. Measuring at 4.63 inches when closed, this knife houses a 3.13-inch satin-finished, partially serrated 440 stainless drop point blade that ensures precision and strength. The thumb stud allows for quick blade deployment. Its multi-utility features include a belt/cord cutter and a glass breaker, making it an indispensable tool for emergencies. A sturdy pocket clip ensures it's always within reach.


2. Blackfox 738TI - Black Action Linerlock Knife (BF738TI): Crafted with attention to detail, this knife boasts a black G10 handle and a 3.13-inch gray TiNi coated, partially serrated 440C stainless drop point blade. Designed for optimal performance, the knife features a thumb stud for rapid blade access. The inclusion of a glass breaker and belt/cord cutter amplifies its functionality. Manufactured in Italy, this knife symbolizes European craftsmanship at its finest.


Why Choose Blackfox Action Knives?


  • Superlative Materials: The use of 440 and 440C stainless steel ensures that these blades remain sharp and resist corrosion, promising longevity.


  • Ergonomic Design: The G10 handles not only look appealing but also provide a comfortable and firm grip, enhancing the user experience.


  • Multipurpose Utility: The integration of features like belt/cord cutters and glass breakers transforms these knives from mere cutting tools to life-saving equipment.


  • Safety & Accessibility: The linerlock mechanism ensures that the blade remains securely in place, while the pocket clip guarantees that your knife is always close at hand.


Experience the Excellence with Knife Country USA


As purveyors of premium knife brands, Knife Country USA takes pride in its association with Blackfox Knives. By showcasing the Action Knives collection, we bring forth a range that resonates with both enthusiasts and professionals. Every knife promises quality, functionality, and an experience that's unparalleled.


Immerse yourself in a world where craftsmanship meets utility. Explore the range of Blackfox Action Knives today.

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