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Experience Unyielding Performance with Kershaw Oblivion Knives


Welcome to the dynamic realm of Kershaw Oblivion Knives at Knife Country USA. Revered for their incredible quality and innovative designs, Kershaw Knives continually set the benchmark for excellence in the knife industry. The Oblivion series stands as a testament to their dedication towards delivering high-quality, performance-oriented knives to their customers.


In the current Oblivion lineup, we present the iconic Kershaw 3860 Oblivion Framelock Knife, an embodiment of precision, durability, and modern aesthetics. With a closed length of 4.5", the knife houses a 3.5" blade made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. This specific type of steel ensures an excellent edge-holding capability, while its bead blast and stonewashed finish offer superior corrosion resistance, significantly enhancing the knife's lifespan.


The stainless and glass-filled nylon handle of the Oblivion knife makes it stand out. This combination of materials adds robustness to the knife without compromising on its lightweight design. Thus, you can count on the knife's longevity while enjoying its comfortable handling.


An exceptional feature of the Oblivion knife is its framelock mechanism. This highly popular lock style provides a secure blade lockup and keeps the knife's weight to a minimum, offering an unmatched safety feature while ensuring easy operation.


The Oblivion series thoughtfully includes an extended tang and a lanyard hole for convenience and ease of carry. The pocket clip affirms the knife's everyday carry utility, ensuring your reliable Kershaw tool is always within reach.


Every knife from the Oblivion series, made in China under Kershaw's stringent quality control standards, is an emblem of Kershaw's commitment to quality and innovation. Trust in the power and precision of Kershaw Oblivion Knives as Knife Country USA does.


Explore the versatile range of Kershaw Oblivion Knives at Knife Country USA, where we emphasize quality, craftsmanship, and our customers' satisfaction. With an Oblivion knife in hand, experience a perfect blend of durability, precision, and contemporary design.

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