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Kershaw Platform Knives: Stability and Strength in Every Cut


Welcome to the collection of Kershaw Platform Knives, where the reliable craftsmanship of Kershaw meets the ultimate combination of stability, strength, and style. The Kershaw Platform series is an exceptional range that stands as a testament to Kershaw's commitment to innovative design and excellent functionality.


The Kershaw Platform Framelock - Model KS2090, is the flagship model of this series. This marvel of a knife, boasting a closed length of 4 inches, is an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking a compact yet robust everyday carry.


A standout feature of the Platform series is the 2.75-inch sheepsfoot blade made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. This type of steel, finished with a sleek bead blast, is known for its excellent edge retention and resistance to rust, offering lasting durability that can handle various cutting tasks with ease. The sheepsfoot blade design ensures a reliable cut, making it perfect for tasks that require precision and control.


The knife's handle, made from black glass-filled nylon, complements the superior blade with its durability and ergonomic design. Not only does this handle offer a secure grip, but it also adds a touch of sophisticated style to the knife. The frame lock mechanism ensures safety and reliability, making the knife a trustworthy companion in all situations.


Each Kershaw Platform knife also features a convenient pocket clip for secure and discreet carrying. Meticulously crafted in China under Kershaw's strict quality control standards, each knife embodies the brand's dedication to creating reliable, high-quality tools.


With the Kershaw Platform Knives, you get more than just a cutting tool - you get a reliable companion ready to assist in various tasks. Whether it's a camping adventure or a DIY home improvement project, a Kershaw Platform knife is the perfect partner to have by your side.


Knife Country USA is committed to offering you the best from the world of knives. In the Kershaw Platform Knives, we bring you a product that represents our dedication to quality, innovation, and functionality. Explore the world of Kershaw Platform Knives today and experience the blend of strength, style, and stability in every cut.

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