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Welcome to Knife Country USA’s selection of Kershaw Multi-Tools, a renowned collection dedicated to offering a range of innovative and high-quality tools that meet your everyday needs. Known for their commitment to excellence and durability, Kershaw Knives offers a variety of multi-tools that exemplify versatility and practicality.


Our collection begins with the Fire Starter - a compact and lightweight tool with a 1.75-inch magnesium shaft and a striker. It comes with a molded plastic handle and includes a lanyard for easy carry.


Discover our range of Ration Utensils, perfect for your outdoor dining experiences. The Ration Utensil features a bead blasted finish, a fork, spoon, and a bottle opener. For those seeking a pop of color, the Ration Eating Tools are available in vibrant green, orange, and teal, featuring 3Cr13 stainless construction.


For those needing larger utensils, the Ration XL Eating Tools come in an overall length of 7.25 inches, boasting features like a fork, spoon, bottle opener, and carabiner gate.


The versatile Jens Carabiner with stainless steel construction is not only a carabiner but also integrates a cord/seatbelt cutter, bottle opener, and three hex wrenches.


Our collection also features multi-tools like the PT-1 Tool and PT-2 Tool, handy tools perfect for everyday carry.


Keep your knives sharp with the Ultra-Tek Knife Sharpener, a tool equipped with a 600 grit diamond-coated oval rod.


The Kershaw 8820 - Downforce Multi Tool is a compact tool housing features like a bottle opener, pry bar, Phillips screwdriver, and flat head screwdriver, wrapped in orange glass-filled nylon handle inserts.


No collection is complete without a manicure set. The Manicure Set includes a finger nail clipper, double-sided nail file, beard/mustache scissors with rounded tips, and slanted tweezers, all housed in a padded case.


Each tool in this collection is designed with user-friendly features and durable materials to ensure longevity and functionality. Browse our collection of Kershaw Multi-Tools at Knife Country USA and find the perfect tool to suit your needs.

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