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Welcome to Knife Country USA – your ultimate destination for knives that stand testament to quality and craftsmanship. We take immense pride in presenting the Kershaw Federalist series, a premier range from Kershaw Knives that exemplifies innovation, precision, and the promise of high performance.


Kershaw Knives, an iconic name in the world of cutlery, is renowned for their unmatched quality, design innovation, and attention to detail. The Kershaw Federalist series carries forward this legacy, offering knives designed for longevity, utility, and excellence.


A shining star in this lineup is the Kershaw Federalist Folder (KS4320). Standing 4.25" when closed and boasting a 3.25" CPM-154 stainless blade, the Federalist Folder showcases exceptional toughness and superior edge retention. The stonewash finish of the blade not only provides a rugged appeal but also increases the blade's resistance to wear and corrosion.


What sets this knife apart is the green micarta handle, offering a combination of durability and a sophisticated appearance. The slip joint mechanism further ensures user safety, making sure the blade stays securely in place during operation. A lanyard hole has also been incorporated into the design, adding to the knife's utility and convenience.


The Kershaw Federalist series finds its roots in the USA, a fact proudly echoed in its exceptional manufacturing standards and product quality. Whether for outdoor adventures or everyday tasks, a Federalist knife from Kershaw is the ideal companion, delivering the finest cutting performance and a unique user experience.


At Knife Country USA, we believe in curating products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. The Kershaw Federalist series underscores this belief, promising a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and unwavering quality.


Immerse yourself in the experience of owning a Kershaw Federalist knife at Knife Country USA. Discover the perfect synergy of style, performance, and durability that transforms every cutting task into an effortless endeavor.

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