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Kershaw Clearwater II Knives by Kershaw Knives

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Kershaw Knives - Clearwater II Series | Premium Fillet Knives


Welcome to the Kershaw Clearwater II Series available at Knife Country USA. This product range is designed for fishing enthusiasts and professionals who value precision, control, and comfort in their filleting tools.


At the heart of the Clearwater II Series are the fillet knives, masterfully crafted and designed for high-performance. A standout in this collection is the Clearwater II Fillet KS1257. With an overall length of 12.25 inches and a satin finish 420J2 stainless fillet blade measuring 7.13 inches, this knife is perfectly balanced for precision and control. The comfortable black and orange rubber handle ensures a secure grip even in wet conditions. This knife also includes a black ABS sheath, making it easy to carry and store safely.


For those requiring a larger blade, the Clearwater II Fillet KS1259 is a fantastic option. This knife features a 9.25-inch satin finish 420J2 stainless fillet blade and an overall length of 14.25 inches. It comes with a black and yellow rubberized synthetic handle for comfort and superior control during long hours of filleting. Like its counterpart, this knife also comes with a black ABS sheath for safe storage and transport.


The 420J2 stainless steel blades used in the Clearwater II Series are known for their excellent corrosion resistance, making these knives perfect for saltwater and freshwater environments. They have the flexibility required for precise filleting and the strength needed for long-term durability.


With their bright-colored handles, these knives are easy to locate even in low-light conditions. They also feature an ergonomic design, reducing hand fatigue and ensuring a non-slip grip for maximum safety.


Whether you're a professional angler or an outdoor enthusiast, the Kershaw Clearwater II Series offers knives that make filleting a breeze. They are not only practical and efficient, but they also stand as a testament to Kershaw's dedication to producing high-quality tools that cater to the specific needs of their users.


Shop now at Knife Country USA and experience the superior performance of the Kershaw Clearwater II Series. These knives deliver quality, precision, and durability—making your filleting tasks simpler and more enjoyable.

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