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Kershaw Balanza Butterfly Knives by Kershaw Knives

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Kershaw Knives - Balanza Butterfly Series


Welcome to the Balanza Butterfly Series from Kershaw Knives, proudly presented by Knife Country USA. This series represents Kershaw's innovative craftsmanship, focusing on versatility, balance, and a unique blend of aesthetics and performance. Kershaw's Balanza Butterfly knives are a perfect blend of tradition and modern knife-making methods.


At the core of the Balanza Butterfly series, you will find the Kershaw Balanza Butterfly Trainer (KS4950TR), a knife that beautifully encapsulates Kershaw's commitment to providing innovative and reliable tools.


The Balanza Butterfly Trainer boasts a 4.25" BlackWash finish unsharpened stainless blade. The unsharpened blade makes this knife a perfect training tool for those interested in learning butterfly knife tricks without the risk of injury. The BlackWash finish gives the blade a well-worn look and helps to hide scratches and fingerprints, ensuring your trainer remains as sleek as the day you bought it.


The handle, made of BlackWash finish stainless steel, continues the aesthetic while providing a sturdy grip. This handle, combined with the knife's balanced size and weight, allows for a secure and comfortable grip, making this knife a pleasure to wield.


The Kershaw Balanza Butterfly Trainer mirrors the original Lucha's design and is a clear testament to Kershaw's commitment to quality and user experience. Its rounded tip and overall balance make it perfect for practicing flipping and other butterfly knife techniques safely.


Made in China, the Kershaw Balanza Butterfly Trainer showcases Kershaw's global outreach and its commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality tools worldwide. Whether you are a butterfly knife enthusiast, a beginner, or a collector, the Balanza Butterfly Series offers a unique blend of safety, quality, and performance.


Knife Country USA is dedicated to serving your needs by offering a wide range of products. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, extensive product range, and comprehensive platform that aids your purchase decision. Explore the Kershaw Balanza Butterfly series today and experience the thrill of owning a piece of Kershaw's exemplary craftsmanship.

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