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Welcome to the Kershaw Fillet Knives collection at Knife Country USA, a curated selection of some of the best fillet knives in the industry. Kershaw Knives, a renowned name in the knife manufacturing industry, offers high-quality, reliable knives and tools. This selection of fillet knives embodies the commitment of Kershaw to innovation, durability, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.


Explore the range of our Kershaw Fillet Knives. Starting with the Curved Fillet 12in Blade, this knife has an overall length of 17.75 inches with a 12-inch satin finish 420J2 stainless fillet blade. The handle features a rubberized GRN for secure grip during use. Its curved design adds to the flexibility of the blade, which is essential for filleting.


The Curved Fillet 9in Blade, on the other hand, offers a 9-inch blade with an overall length of 12.75 inches. It features the same durable construction and rubberized handle but with a granton edge for improved cutting performance.


Next is the Fillet with Spoon, a unique tool with a stainless spoon pommel. It features a 7-inch fillet blade and an overall length of 14.5 inches.


We also feature the Narrow Fillet knives, like the Narrow Fillet Blade with a 7.5-inch blade and Narrow Fillet with a 9.5-inch blade. These knives offer a narrow design for precise filleting.


The Clearwater II Fillet knives, available in black and orange and black and yellow, feature a stunning finish with 7.13-inch and 9.25-inch blades respectively.


Finally, for those who prefer compact and portable options, check out the Folding Fillet knife, with a 6.25-inch stainless fillet blade and a black and gray rubberized synthetic handle.


At Knife Country USA, we strive to provide you with an array of options to choose from so you can find the perfect knife for your needs. Kershaw Fillet Knives are trusted tools for chefs, outdoorsmen, and everyone in between. Explore our collection today to find your next reliable kitchen companion.

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