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Kershaw Taskmaster Shears/Saws by Kershaw Knives

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Experience the Versatility of Kershaw Taskmaster Shears/Saws


Welcome to Knife Country USA's exclusive range of Kershaw Taskmaster Shears/Saws. As part of Kershaw's celebrated line-up, these tools exhibit the brand's commitment to quality and innovation, providing you with versatile and durable cutting instruments for various tasks.


Starting off our collection is the innovative Taskmaster Shears 2. These 9-inch shears offer a 3.5-inch satin finish stainless blade ideal for a variety of cutting tasks. The black glass-filled nylon handles house numerous useful features, including a nutcracker, cap lifter, and flathead screwdriver tips, proving that these are not just your ordinary shears.


Next up, we present the Kershaw Skeeter 3 Scissors, compact yet efficient with their 1.25-inch 3Cr13 stainless blades. The fine-pointed blades and micro serrations prevent slipping, making these the perfect tool for precise cuts.


For more robust tasks, our range of Taskmaster Saws is a must-see. The Kershaw Taskmaster Saw features a 7-inch black powder-coated serrated high carbon stainless blade, ideal for heavy-duty tasks. This saw comes with a black rubberized synthetic handle for added comfort and control, and a push-button release for easy storage and handling.


We also offer the Kershaw Taskmaster Saw 2 Button Lock. This updated version maintains the same exceptional quality, with a 7-inch high carbon stainless blade and a robust tan glass-filled nylon handle. The added black rubber onlay enhances the grip, while the lanyard hole allows for easy portability.


Each tool in the Kershaw Taskmaster Shears/Saws collection is crafted with Kershaw's unwavering attention to detail and rigorous quality standards, ensuring you a product that lasts. These versatile tools are equally useful for indoor tasks, outdoor adventures, or professional requirements.


So why wait? Dive into our selection of Kershaw Taskmaster Shears/Saws and discover the quality, durability, and versatility that defines Kershaw. Experience the difference that a well-crafted tool can make in your everyday life.

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