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Barebones Enamel Cook & Dining Series by Barebones Living

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Barebones Enamel Cook & Dining Series - Vintage-Inspired Outdoor Dining Essentials


Step into a world where vintage charm meets modern durability with Knife Country USA's exclusive collection of the Barebones Enamel Cook & Dining Series. These pieces bring a touch of nostalgia to your outdoor dining experience, without sacrificing the toughness needed for the great outdoors.


Our selection includes a variety of enamelware, from the Barebones Enamel Bowl Set Eggshell perfect for hearty soups under the stars, to the sleek Barebones Living Enamel Plate Set, ensuring your campfire meals are served with a side of style. Don't overlook the Enamel Salad Plate Set that adds elegance to any outdoor salad course.


Sip your morning espresso in the wilderness with our vintage-inspired Enamel Espresso Cup Eggshell, or enjoy a cup of tea with the rustic Enamel Teapot Eggshell, both offering the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern functionality.


For the chefs out there, the robust Enamel Stock Pot Eggshell and the handy Enamel Saucepan Eggshell make cooking in the great outdoors a breeze, all the while adding to the aesthetic of your camp kitchen.


Let's not forget about the Enamel Mixing Bowl Set that's as perfect for salad tossing as it is for dough mixing, making meal prep an enjoyable part of the adventure.


And when it comes to variety, our collection spans not just in eggshell but also in charcoal and green enamel finishes, with pieces like the Barebones Living Enamel Bowl Set Charcoal, which are dishwasher safe and ready for any outdoor or indoor setting.


Every item in this series is carefully crafted to bring the past into the present, ensuring that your outdoor dining experience is laden with stories, comfort, and style. So whether you're out in the wild or enjoying a backyard bonfire, the Barebones Enamel Cook & Dining Series from Knife Country USA is your perfect companion for creating memories that last a lifetime.

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