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Barebones Pruners, Shears & Scissors by Barebones Living

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Discover the Precision of Barebones Pruners, Shears & Scissors


Gardening enthusiasts and professionals, rejoice! Knife Country USA presents an exclusive selection of Barebones Pruners, Shears & Scissors, designed to transform your gardening and pruning experience with unmatched quality and precision.


The Barebones collection is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and enduring design, each tool showcasing a blend of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality. Our range features robust materials like stainless steel and walnut handles, promising durability and ease of use for any gardening task.


The Versatile Hori Hori Garden Tool (Model - BARE056) Hori Hori Garden Tool, a multi-functional marvel, is perfect for cutting, digging, and even opening bottles, making it the ultimate companion for your gardening endeavors.


For soil preparation, the Barebones Cultivator (Model - BARE053) Cultivator with its rust-resistant stainless steel head and comfortable walnut handle stands out as the ideal tool for aerating and mixing soil, ensuring your plants have a healthy environment to thrive.


Pruning becomes a delight with the Barebones Metal Pruner (Model -BARE051) Metal Pruner, inspired by old-world Japanese design and complemented by a protective sheath, combines traditional elegance with practicality for precise cuts every time.


Detail work is catered for with the Artisan Trimming Shears (Model - BARE048) Artisan Trimming Shears and Artisan Pruning Shears (Model - BARE049) Artisan Pruning Shears, each designed for comfortable use and precision, ensuring your plants are pruned to perfection without damaging delicate stems.


For larger cutting tasks, opt for the Barebones Large Scissors (Model - BARE058) Large Scissors, featuring heat-treated blades and an ambidextrous grip, or the more compact Barebones Small Scissors (Model - BARE059) Small Scissors, both perfect for various cutting needs.


The Barebones Pruner with Sheath (Model - BARE050) Pruner with Sheath offers a one-piece steel construction and is an excellent choice for gardeners seeking a heavy-duty tool for regular use.


Lastly, for the most rugged of outdoor tasks, the Barebones Living Wire Saw Walnut (Model/Part Number - BARE2140) Wire Saw Walnut ensures you’re well-equipped to handle any challenge nature throws your way.


Knife Country USA is committed to bringing you tools that are not only functional but also enhance the joy of gardening. Browse our Barebones collection and equip yourself with tools that last a lifetime.

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