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Barebones Shovels by Barebones Living

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Founded in 2012, Barebones offers a wide range of products related to gardening and outdoor living. The manufacturing company is appreciated for the quality, design, and uniqueness that the products offer. The first products by the company were imagined, designed and developed to support the Founder’s global humanitarian efforts and passion to help people.


Barebones Shovels are hand tools that have broad blade fixed to a long length handle. These spades work quickly and comfortably through both soft soil and rough ground. The hand tool is ideal for digging, turning and spreading soil, prepping beds, and planting seedlings. The spade is steel blade and wooden handle is a duo worthy and capable of a lifetime use. The blade of the spades is 9 in. wide and made out of manganese steel and features a 3-way collar allowing for multiple working positions. Born from necessity the shovel design is inspired by a military entrenching tool, made popular by the Civilian Conversation Corps. These lightweight and collapsible spades are easy to carry and are widely used by many national parks, campgrounds, and reservoirs. The tool is nicely balanced so that the tool does the strenuous gardening work for you.


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