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Predator Blowguns

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Blowguns are just perfect to use for distance. Blowguns are also known as blowpipes. A simple open-ended tube for throwing light darts or projectiles up to great distances. Blowguns are widely used for parallelizing animals while hunting. The width should be apt to make the movement of the dart possible—this factor remains a key point in the functioning of Predator Blowguns.


Variations in Darts

Darts are generally carved out of bamboo skewers, animal fur and termite-free wooden options. Homemade darts are comparatively larger in size and ideal for hunting deer or wolfs. The wooden darts can be made from coat hanger, nails or even knitting needle sticks. In some part of the world, even small piano wire pieces are modified and then used as darts.


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We specialize in the niche of outdoor gear, knives, and accessories. To make sure you get the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Predator Blowguns in varied forms like 36 in. Predator Blowguns 40 Caliber, 24 in. Predator Blowguns 40 Caliber, etc. and sell these at affordable prices.

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