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Bubba Blade


What began as a search for the best knives or tools for rough life at sea on the coast of California, ended as the formation of the Bubba Blade brand. The company has been manufacturing sharp, and rust-resistant fillet knives for over a decade now. Their products reflect their love for the water as all the knives hold up under the harsh environment of saltwater fishing. So, when you chase your dream fish, then a bubba knife will be your trusted companion. Bubba is dedicated to providing nothing but the best, adhering to the highest standard of premium quality within the brand. It is one of the most trustworthy brands within the fishing community all thanks to the premium-quality knives and tactical tools.


Bubba Blade consistently upgrades itself by seeking out new ideas and methods to inspire products for the next excursion. The anglers count on bubba for their innovative fishing products. The wide range of knives that the brand offers includes electric knives, fillet knives, folding knives, and skinning knives. Some of the amazing tools that bubba manufactures are fishing pliers, sharpeners, nets, and gaffs. Embark on your next water adventure with bubba knives and tools to easily get the fish you are chasing, or for an overall comfortable experience and your success on the water.


Get All Your Questions Answered Related to Bubba Blade Products

The Bubba Blade fishing knives are made with precision and quality material to ensure cutting any kind of meat/fish becomes as smooth as cutting butter. Most of the filleting knives from the brand are made in China. The bubba knives, high carbon stainless steel blades provide strength and ensure longevity. The stainless steel prevents corrosion, stain, and discoloration of the blade and increases its lifespan. To maintain the sharp cutting ability of your knife, regular sharpening is what needs to be done. For sharpening, the blade can grind against a hard surface such as a steel rod or whetstone.


You can clean your Bubba knife with mild-to-medium strength detergent and towel dry. Putting your bubba blade in the dishwasher wouldn’t be a great idea as that can disengage the rivets. The pliers by the brand are made with aerospace aluminum for reliable and lightweight usability, and control. These knives are preferred by professionals as they are handy with domestic settings for chefs. The knives are also perfect for filleting and cleaning the fish.


Explore Bubba Blade Knives Categories

Bubba Blade Fixed Blade Knives: The Fixed Blade Series by Bubba is an assortment of durable knives that are used by customers all across the globe. These high carbon steel knives are rust-proof and dispense the exact performance needed under different tactical activities. Rubberized TPR handles ensure excellent grip during deployment and the full tang construction enhances the toughness of the knives. These knives have thumb and finger pads that help in added grip security while usage. They are perfect for tasks like cutting, piercing, puncturing, and as a survival tool. The lanyard hole attached with the tang of these knives helps you in easily tying them on your wrist, neck, or your bag-pack. Most of the Bubba fixed blade knives come with a black nylon belt sheath that keeps them protected when not in use. The Bubba Fixed Blade Knives are thus possessed by outdoor adventurers, hikers, climbers, and travel enthusiasts.


Bubba Blade Sharpening Steels: The Bubba Blade Sharpening Steels range is ideal for straightening or re-alignment of fibers that tend to make the knife’s edge ineffective. These are made in China with expert craftsmanship. The Red TPR handle construction of these sharpening steels ensures a comfortable grip while you hone your knives. Most of the blade sharpening steels have integrated thumb and finger pads that prevent you from injuries while you sharpen your tactical tool. The lanyard hole gives a secure option for the storage of these sharpening steels.


Bubba Blade Fishing Gloves: The fishing gloves series includes pairs that are designed keeping in mind the needs of anglers, fishermen, and outdoorsmen. These gloves are made from non-slip technology for excellent grip and snug fit. These gloves are cut and puncture resistant and protect your hands from cuts and injuries while using fillet knives. Bubba Blade Ultimate Fillet Gloves are crafted using state-of-the-art technology to make one of the safest fisherman's gloves. It is designed to help prevent the fish handler's diseases on the user's hand. This disease occurs when injuries or scrapes in the skin become infected with the bacteria Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, which is found wherever fishing activities take place. The gloves are further available in all sizes from small, medium to large, and X-large.


Bubba Blade Pliers: Bubba Blade Pliers series features a wide collection of durable and multi-functional pliers, must-have tools for professionals’ toolkits. This product category includes crimper tools, carbide cutters, and carbide cutters for braided lines. The high carbon stainless jaws with corrosion-resistant coating ensure exceptional performance in applications such as cutting and prying. These pliers have ergonomically spring-loaded designs that help in easy usage even with one hand. The durable red TPR handle construction ensures a secure and tight grip during deployment. The handles have lanyard holes that give you multiple options for storage and the safety of these multi-purpose tools. Bubba Blade pliers are owned by travel enthusiasts and professionals who often require tactical tools and weapons.


Bubba Blade Fillet Knives: This carbon steel fillet knife range is perfect for use in meat/fish cutting purposes. These are made in China with high carbon stainless fillet blades. The compact knives in the series are specifically manufactured for everyday use. The TPR handles of the fillet knives provide a strong grip and the finger, thumb pads prevent slipping. The lanyard hole allows you to tie the knife to a backpack for ease while camping or trekking. Thus, these knives will be your true companion on both land and sea adventures. The sheath further protects the blade from any possible damage. These knives are available in a wide variety of sizes.


Bubba Blade Fishing Shears: The Bubba Shears are engineered micro-serrated to ensure it cuts monocarbon, fluorocarbon, or braided line easily. These are multi-functional, lightweight, and durable. The shears are equipped with non-slip grip handles, a split shot crimp tool, bottle opener, and lanyard hole, which makes them the optimum angling shears. The blades are removable to ensure the user can clean them with ease. These fishing shears are highly reliable as the cutting-edge pocket clip sheath is molded polymer and water-resistant.


Bubba Blade Knives Series.


Bubba Blade Dive Knife Series: The Bubba Dive Knives are designed keeping in mind the needs of spearfishermen. They are perfect for everything from braining a fish to cutting through the rope. These knives boast tin-coated, marine-grade, full-tang stainless steel construction for ultra-strength and durability. These also feature a locking sheath and rubber straps for the on-the-body hold to ensure a great spearfishing experience.


Bubba Blade Electric Fillet Knife Series: The ergonomically crafted electric fillet knives perfectly fit in hand and are designed by fishermen for the fishermen. The iconic non-slip handle provides a firm grip on the blade. With the engineered ventilation the motor transmission output increases and provides a great amount of torque. A complete set includes different blades - 7” E-FLEX, 9” E-FLEX, 9” E-STIFF, and 12” E-STIFF. The blades are resistant to corrosion due to the usage of high-grade carbon stainless steel in construction and titanium nitride coating. For security, these knives feature an eight-foot cord, safety lock, and trigger guard. The knives with blade sets are provided in EVA molded carrying cases.


Bubba Blade Flex Knife Series: Explore the high carbon knives range for 11’’ to 18’’ knives with black titanium coating. These knives are designed in a way that they solve both your indoor and outdoor purposes. The TRP handles provide a secure grip over the knife and the full tang ensures a long lifespan of the knife. With the lanyard holes, these can be easily carried in a backpack on adventure tours. Bubba Blade Flex Knife Series has knives with perfect balance and weight distribution which makes it easy and safe to maneuver them. Another thing that makes it very comfortable to use Flex knives is the thumb and finger pads provided with them. These pads provide a tight and at the same time cushioned grip to the user that results in precise and long-term use of the knife. This line of products is perfect for travel enthusiasts and fishermen in search of a blade to gut their next salmon.


Bubba Blade Lucky Lew Knife Series: Browse through this series for a compact and efficient bubba blade lucky lew knife for your next hunting and fishing trip. These are some of the finest meat cutting knives with 5’’ black titanium coated partially serrated high carbon stainless blades. The foldable knives are easy to hold all thanks to the red textured TPR handle. This series of knives are ideal for fillet and gutting with the finger and thumb pads that ensure a tight and comfortable grip. With the carrying pouch, you can easily carry your lucky lew knife on your adventure trips.


Bubba Blade Sculpin Knife Series: The Bubba Blade Sculpin Knives are super compact and easily fit in a shirt or jeans pocket.  These knives are made with a 3 5/8 Satin finish high carbon stainless tanto blade that is foldable which makes it very safe. The highly durable knives feature a flipper that makes the one-handed opening of the knife possible. The red textured G-10 handle of these knives makes the grip strong and comfortable. A deep pocket clip is also available to keep the blade upward and the liner lock safety mechanism is there to prevent any accident. The lightweight of sculpin knives is also an advantage because it makes it very comfortable to carry them in a pocket while doing other chores. There is a lanyard hole in the handle of this knife too,  it comes very useful while trekking or camping. The knife can be tied to a rucksack or a bag without the fear of losing it.


Bubba Blade Shorty Knife Series: This bubba knife series is perfect for people with hand disabilities like weak grip, gout, arthritis, etc. The shorty knives feature 4” black titanium coated serrated high carbon stainless razor-sharp blades that are useful in both the kitchen and sea. These bubba blade knives like others from the brand have a TPR red handle, which makes maneuvering the knife easier even in wet conditions. Since the blade is offset, it exposes the entire serrated and cutting edge which makes cutting easier for people with disabilities and because it requires less vertical force. The handle of these knives has a protective guard as well as thumb and finger pads to make the experience of using them more comfortable and easy. These knives by Bubba Blade are very effective due to their design and size. The lanyard hole is very useful when it comes to taking these knives on trekking or a fishing trip. They can be tied on a boat with a string and losing them could be prevented.


Bubba Knives - Warranty Information

Every Bubba Blade product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Bubba Blade will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Bubba Blade product that is defective.

Bubba Blade will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Bubba Blade will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Bubba Blade does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

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