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Bubba Blade Fixed Blade Knives: Bubba fixed blade knives are sharp, serving different purposes for the fisherman, chefs, hunters, campers and military personnel. This series of fixed blade knives are manufactured with high carbon stainless steel for better strength and power. Many of the knives feature a thumb and finger pads making them easier to operate from both hands.


Bubba Blade Bayou Knife Series: This series is specially designed to cater to hunters and campers as these knives offer sharpness, strength, and durability. The blades have high carbon stainless steel drop point blades. The handles attribute red no slip grip TPR handles with thumb and finger pads. These heavy-duty knives are great for cutting and piercing objects and works equally well as a self-defense tool in confrontational situations.


Bubba Blade Chef Knife Series: Bubba Chef Knives is a special addition to your kitchen. These Chef Knives are constructed with satin finish high carbon stainless blades and red rubber TPR handles with a full tang, lanyard hole and thumb and finger pads. Chef Knives come under the ambit of multi-utility knives; the knives let one experiment with different cutting styles.


Bubba Blade Chubby Knife Series: The series includes the high-performance knives that are designed using high carbon stainless blades. The Chubby is ideal for fishing and camping as it has a flexible blade for contouring cuts. The red textured TPR handles of the knives have thumb and finger pads and are comfortable enough to be used for a long duration.


Bubba Blade Fillet Knives: Bubba Fillet knives are strong and provide great ease of functionality. The blade on these fixed blade knives are fit to perform fine cutting and skinning jobs easily. Most of these knife blades are made from high carbon stainless which attributes anti-rust properties. These knives are available in TPR handle material for a non-slip grasp.


Bubba Blade Flex Knife Series: Bubba offers a wide variety of hunting and skinning knives that include Flex fixed blade knives. The fixed blade fillet knives have extended blade with length that ensures easy cutting. These knives have blades that are perfect for skinning smaller games like filleting or gutting a fish. The blades of these knives are constructed with high-quality high carbon stainless steel. The handles offer non-slip grip with thumb and finger pads making it easy to cut the game. 


Bubba Blade Gut Hook Knife Series: The Gut Hook knives are recognized for their distinctive blades. The series features strong knives that have high carbon stainless full tang construction along with red rubberized TPR handles with thumb and finger pads and lanyard hole. A heavy-duty nylon belt sheath is included for safe and easy carry.


Bubba Blade Lucky Lew Knife Series: This series includes knives that are recognized for its classic appearance. Popular among the knife hunters and fishermen, these knives are available in black titanium coated partially serrated high carbon stainless steel blades and come in red textured TPR handles with lanyard hole. The knives are leading gear for fishing, hunting and many more outdoor pursuits.


Bubba Blade Penetrator Knife Series: Penetrator Series works best in combat and tactical situations although not limited to just that. These self-defense knives are manufactured using the premium grade partially serrated high carbon stainless steel sawback blades that resist corrosion and withstands high compression. The knife handles are made using textured TPR and impart great strength to the complete knife body.


Bubba Blade Rhino Knife Series: The Rhino series includes fixed blade knives that are designed for multiple purposes. The blades are produced with high carbon steel and TPR handles featuring full tang construction, lanyard hole and nylon belt sheath. These knives are used for defense purposes and self-protection by campers, hunters, trekkers, adventure enthusiasts and survivalists.


Bubba Blade Scout Knife Series: These Bubba knives are suitable to be used for hunting, camping, and many more tasks. These knives are manufactured using the black titanium coated high carbon stainless sawback blades and full tang construction. The strength of these blades is commendable and the textured handles ensure a safe grasp. The functionality is superior and provides optimum protection to excessive wear and tear.


Bubba Blade Sculpin Knife Series: The Sculpin knife delivers excellent performance when these are used hunt and fish as well as many other activities. The eye catching red textured handles on this knife are made of G-10 ensuring a lightweight grip. These blades are satin finish high carbon stainless steel which results in anti-corrosion properties. These knives feature extended tang, lanyard hole and pocket clip for durability and safekeeping.



Bubba Blade Shorty Knife Series: The knives of this product series signify a sense of adventure and are suitable for outdoor adventurers, hikers and explorers. The fixed blade knives are manufactured to cater the demands of hunters, fishing pros and collectors. The knives have red textured TPR handles and the unique looking blades that are constructed using high carbon stainless steel which denotes strength. These knives designed for people with hand disabilities such as arthritis, gout and a weakened grip.


Bubba Blade Turkinator Knife Series: This collection offers high-quality and durable fixed blade knives that are also such an attractive knife they are often used as a collectible. The handles on these knives come in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo textured TPR with thumb and finger pads. The knives come with high carbon stainless steel boning blades that ensures durability. These knives are available with a nylon sheath that can be attached to the belt for ease of draw to the operator.


Bubba Blade Woody Knife Series: The series of knives is meant to cater to the varying demands of the people. The knives have high carbon stainless clip point blades to survive under most tactical situations as well as outdoor applications. The products in this series feature full tang, lanyard hole, thumb and finger pads and a nylon belt sheath making for strong and safe to carry knives.





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