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Ruger Knives is a leading knife-manufacturing company introduced as an exclusive line by Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT). The company offers around 600 variations of over 40 products that include different knives including, writing pens, fixed blade knives, Linerlock blade knives, framelock knives, and hollow point knives. Ruger Knives products are developed by five experienced knife smiths/designers like Robert Carter, Bill Harsey, Matthew Lerch, and Ken Steigerwalt.


Ruger Knives manufactures the finest quality knives that are highly functional, reliable and durable. Since its incorporation, the company has been manufacturing rugged and robust firearms, hand-tools and small arms. The brand uses innovative knife-making principles and advanced technology to manufacture the supreme quality products. The line offers unique knives with the important features that every good knife should have.


Expect Innovatively Designed Knives and Tools

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) is known worldwide to deliver innovative and distinctive looking knives and other tools. Similarly, Ruger Knives products are a high-on-aesthetic appeal and have been having been a model of corporate and community responsibility. This award-winning American company offers some of the bestselling product series that includes Ruger Scout Rifle series, Ruger American Pistol series, Ruger Muzzle Brake Knife Series and Ruger Security-9 series.


Tough and Reliable Material Construction

Ruger Knives products are manufactured from high-grade material, be it the blades or the handles, every product ensures great durability and reliability. Most of the blades feature drop point blade, tanto blade, clip point blade, and hollow point blade. The sharp, stonewashed/sating finished blade construction is done from the supreme quality stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum or titanium. The robust handle construction is done using a material such as G-10, nylon, titanium, GRN, and titanium material.


Expect a Wide Product Catalog

Ruger Knives offers a wide collection of products manufactured and designed by expert knife designers with dedication and years long experience.


Ruger Bolt Action Writing Pens & Pencils: It is an exclusive range that offers high-grade writing pens and pencils. The tactical pens feature ink cartridge, pocket clip, opening/closing bolt action. Most of these pens have satin finished anodized aluminum body that makes the pens highly durable.


 Ruger Fixed Blade Knives:   The series offers heavy-duty fixed blade knives manufactured in China. Most of these high-grade tactical knives have sharp drop point blades made from stonewashed finish, stainless steel or black anodized steel. These sharp-edged blade knives are perfect for cutting, splitting, hammering and piercing jobs. The Ruger Fixed Blade knives smoothly perform for household as well as commercial tasks.


Ruger Framelock Pocket Knives:The highly functional knife features framelock mechanism that provides a reliable lockup of the knives. These knives feature sharp cutting edge and are constructed from the finest quality stainless steel. Ruger Framelock knives are efficient to perform the various tasks with ease, ranging from cutting to slicing to self-defense.


Ruger Linerlock Pocket Knives:  The brand offers tactical and survival knives with a liner lock mechanism which makes sure that the blade stays securely open with no chances of accidental closures and vice versa. The folding knives are small enough to fit easily in your bags, purse, and pockets.


Ruger 2-Stage Knife Series: These heavy-duty knives are easy to maintain and feature framelock mechanism. The pocket knives offer great functionality and durability as they are manufactured from high-grade titanium or stainless steel. Most of these standard edge knives feature serrated blades that perform a variety of commercial as well as low profile jobs/tasks easily and smoothly.


Ruger Accurate Knife Series: The series offers heavy-duty longer-edge knives made from the premium-grade 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. These knives are manufactured using advanced technology and high-compression methods to ensure that the blades are compressed securely together with the handles. Most of these handles feature medallion inlay and are made of tough material like rubber along with aluminum finger guards.


Ruger All-Cylinders Knife Series: The liner lock, pocket-foldable knives are available in different shapes, blade finishes and edges. These everyday carry knives feature drop-point blade and serrated blade made from heavy duty, stonewashed stainless steel. The handles have pocket clips and thumb ridge to provide a comfortable and tight grip to the operator. The pocket knives are super light can be easily carried along on outdoor expeditions.


Ruger Crack Shot Knife Series: The series is designed by famous knife designer/maker Ken Steigerwalt, who was also one of the five experienced craftsmen of Ruger Knives. The easy-to-maintain and easy-to-use knives feature liner lock mechanism to securely open/close the knives with single hand operation. The stonewash finished knives have serrated or drop point blades, ideal for cutting, chopping, bush crafting and piercing. The sturdy handle construction is done using high-grade material like G-10 and nylon.


Ruger Follow-Through Knife Series: The Follow-Through series is designed by famous and experienced knife designer Matthew Lerch. These knives feature stonewash finish, thumb ridge, and blade etching on front. The folding knives are great for self-defense, military, and security use as they can perform exceptionally well with sharp-edged, drop point blades.


Ruger Go-N-Heavy Knife Series: The wide range is designed by popular knife-maker Bill Harsey with great precision to deliver heavy-duty, rugged knives. The folding knives feature a variety of elements that define their construction including thumb stud, anodized black handles, drop point blade and sheaths. The liner lock mechanism offers a single hand operation that adds to the comfort of carrying and using the heavy-duty knives.


Ruger Hollow Point Knife Series:These frame lock, folding knives are designed by popular knife designer Ken Onion. The knives are designed with IKBS ball bearing system, thumb studs, and flipper openers. The high-grade stainless-steel construction and sturdy handlebars offer great functionality and durability to the knives.  


Ruger Muzzle Brake Knife Series: The Muzzle Brake knives are developed from cutting edge technology and the blade construction is done from premium grade 8Cr13MoV steel. The powder-coated black blades undergo high compression and maintain the sharpness even after multiple rough usages. Most of these knives have multi-position injection-molded nylon handles that provide defined look to the knives.


Ruger Powder-Keg Knife Series: The Powder-Keg Knife series features heavy-duty fixed blade knives designed by well-known knife designer Ryan Johnson. The fixed blade knives feature full/extended tangs that are easy to draw during fights, hunting, and self-defense. The knives perfectly work in every rugged situation and can withstand everyday handling abuse easily. These heavy-duty knives are available with a leather sheath that offer easy transportation and storage to these sharp-edged blades.


Warranty Information

Ruger Knives aims to provide the best-quality and damaged free products. The company has a return and repair policy against any manufacturing and workmanship defect. The brand ensures replacement of any defective product with a new one or with one which matches closely to the ordered product. As per Ruger Knives policies, few products cannot be replaced due to the limited availability of parts of the ordered product. Also, it is clearly mentioned that the products should not be mishandled or meant to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers.


Knife Country USA - A Name You Can Trust

Knife Country is a US based online shopping platform that offers a huge variety of tools and accessories manufactured by the finest brands across the world. Knife Country the USA offers more than 30,000 models of pocket folding knives, axes, flashlights, handcuffs, pepper spray and other outdoor tools mainly used in hunting, scouting, hiking, camping, traveling and other outdoor expedition. Ruger Knives offers around 600 variations of over 40 products that include different knives including, writing pens, fixed blade knives, Linerlock blade knives, framelock knives, and hollow point knives. Knife Country hosts over 500 manufacturers who offer high-quality products and tools.






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