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Zippo Lighters Anne Stokes Series by Zippo Lighters

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Zippo has been the flagship lighter of the USA since its extensive use by the American military in the Second World War. Now, it sells a range of products that mirror the exceptional quality of its lighters. This company was founded by George G. Blaisdell in 1932.


Access Unique Designs in the Zippo Lighters Anne Stokes Range

The Zippo Lighters Anne Stokes category comprises some of the most innovative designs. If you are someone who likes to own unique products, the Anne Stokes lighters are perfect for you. Besides being stylish, most of the lighters are chrome plated for enhanced durability. These lighters can be used by adventurers for lighting a fire while making a camp or for other outdoor tasks. You can even use them of lighting cigarettes, pipes, and cigars.


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