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Rite in the Rain

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Rite in the Rains, a popular name in the paper manufacturing industry, started its journey in the forests of Great Northwest. Around 1916, the founder Jerry Darling(JD) and his wife Mary recognized the need of logging industry for a durable material to write on, ensuring endurance against tough weather conditions. The brand offers variants of supreme quality of writing pads and notepads by means of featured stores throughout U.S., Canada and all over the world.


The brand specializes in manufacturing and selling water resistant notebooks, target sheets, spiral bind notepads, wallets, kits, and writing instruments, and much more. All the products in their inventory have a common feature with unique moisture shield on the top, that would not turn to mush when wet and will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive the accidental laundry mishap and more. The brand also caters to the needs of GSA, Sportsmen, Underwater divers, Travelers and Agriculturists. The paper used has been perfected and patented as eco-friendly over the years.


A Bigger Perspective: More than just a Business

What started just as a core production of all-weather resistant paper, gradually, expanded its range to include other stationery requirements such as wallets, kits, writing pads etc. Despite being durable, Rite in the Rains products are recyclable and eco-friendly, that is unusual (uncommon) in synthetic and poly coated papers. All cover materials used in making products like Polydura, Field-Flex, and Fabrikoid are easily recyclable which uses standard curbside recycling programs. Rite in the Rains notebooks serve as functional tools to encourage the benefits of using environmentally responsible paper. Their notebooks serve as an easy resource for aiming to integrate sustainability into practice. This reduces the company’s footprint and raise awareness of the message of conserving a healthy environment and supporting a sustainable future.


Archival Survival: Paper that Lasts Long

Rite in the Rain 20 & 32 lb. papers meet the archival criteria laid out by ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (R2002). Implying that it is an archival quality paper which is produced to last several hundred years under normal use. It will not only survive the elements, but it will also survive the memories too. All books and copier papers are made from these grades. The wood fibers utilized for Rite in the Rains produce are purchased from SFI certified sources which ensure all products are manufactured with high environmental and social standards and practices.


Enter the world of Rite in the Rains

The products and writing books offered by Rite in the Rains are grouped according to the product type, page pattern and different user groups. Whether you are looking for stapled notebooks, writing instruments or planners & calendars, the brand has covered it all. The manufacturer offers a plethora of weather resistant writing supplies series including:


Rite in the Rain 3 x 5 Notebooks: Company supplies a wide range of all-weather pocket-sized top spiral notebooks with high-quality environment-friendly Polydura cover. Weighing around .12lbs, these notebooks have 50 to 100 sheets. Easy to carry pocket notebooks are available in different bright shades too. The option of having a pen inside a Cordura material zip lock cover is also available. Sturdy yet ecofriendly material notebooks are useful in preparing travelogues and miscellaneous notes.


Rite in the Rain 4 x 6 Notebooks: The brand offers uniquely designed pocket notebooks with universal page pattern. Lightweight pocket spiral notebooks are easy to carry and enable travelers, sportsperson and army men to write journals, and preserve notes even in harsh weather. Polydura cover and Cordura zip up cover adds up to already appealing colorful notebooks. Spiral notebooks come in bulk packaging with hanging tabs. An all-in-one kit with black metal all-weather clicker pen and zip cover is also available.


Rite in the Rain All-Weather Series: The manufacturer puts forward a huge assortment of all-weather clicker pens, ink pens, and refills which skip less and can write over water, grease, photographs in any angle and even in high temperatures. These pens come in cohesive designs with pressurized cartridges which help the user to write in any angle and rough surfaces. Soy-based permanent ink would not let your precious data to smudge or evaporate. The series also includes Copier paper white sheets made using premium fibers which can be used in laser printers or photocopiers and available in letter size.


Rite in the Rain Field Bound Notebooks: Field bind notebooks are tough waterproof notepads with sewn bind bonding available in fabrikoid leather or field flex covers. Featuring perforated tan paper and universal page pattern, field bound notebooks are available in different sizes and colors of your choice which allows easy management of important notes. These are perfect for harsh weather and humid conditions. All the products have smooth edges making them comfortable to carry.


Rite in the Rain Field Flex Notebooks: These notebooks are made of patented archival-grade paper protecting sensitive information for years. The series has hard book covers of field-flex material safeguarding your notes and data from tough weather conditions. The waterproof notebooks are ideal for travelers. Most of these notebooks are made with perforated tan paper with universal page pattern. Depending upon the models, the notebooks are available in variable colors and sizes.


Rite in the Rain Maxi Side Spiral: The product range consists of durable spiral-bound notebooks made up of premium class environmental-friendly paper which sheds water. Rite in the Rain Maxi Side Spiral notebooks have anti-scratch and anti-stain hardcovers made with Polydura material. Some notebooks have attached ruler on the back cover that is useful for handy grip. Vibrant colors like blaze orange and neon yellow provides a stand out element to these easy to carry notebooks. 


Rite in the Rain Stapled Notebooks: includes trustable and durable side-staple bound notebooks. The notebooks are designed from the patented paper that is water resistant and of the archival-grade. These notebooks are flexible and can easily slip in the pockets, wallets, and purses. The notebooks come in variable number of pages and quantities. Tough notebooks have high visibility even in dense areas.


Rite in the Rain Target Sheets: These are standardized target sheets which are portable and able to hold up in all kind of weather. The series contains different target sheets including zeroing target sheets, small target sheets, and bullseye target sheets, featuring both the head and chest areas to shoot at. The target sheets allow accurate shot evaluation and can take a bullet even in damp weather. Double-sided print offers users more options for shooting practice. The designs are highly inspired and taken from military design target sheets. Rite in the Rain Target sheet series offers some sheets designed for M16A1 rifle shooting practice with Alt Course ‘C' record fire qualification on the front side.



Rite in the Rains products are warranted to be free from any defects.  No returns are accepted if product is sold without any specific authorization. In no case returns are accepted after 90 days of sale and items returned should be in “as new” condition. As per the company policy, no returns can be accepted on custom printed or imprinted items. To request a return authorization, please contact customer service.  


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