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Boker Copperhead Knife Series by Boker Tree Brand Knives

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Boker Copperhead Knife Series: Timeless Utility with a Touch of Class


Knife Country USA proudly presents the Boker Copperhead Knife Series, a lineup that encapsulates the essence of traditional pocketknives while embracing the durability and functionality needed for modern use. These knives, named after the distinctive copperhead snake, are recognized for their two-blade design and the robust bolster that resembles the stout, contoured head of the copperhead itself.


Boker Copperhead Series: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity


Every Boker Copperhead knife is a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Boker is renowned for. Made with high-quality materials and constructed to stand the test of time, these knives are designed for those who value reliability and elegance in their everyday carry.


Product Features:


  • Versatile Blade Combination: Each Copperhead knife comes with a clip and a skinner blade, offering multifunctional use for a variety of cuttingtasks, from peeling fruit to detailed whittling.


  • High Carbon Stainless and D2 Tool Steel Blades: Choose between the superior edge retention of high carbon stainless steel or the toughness of D2 tool steel for your cutting needs.


  • Aesthetic and Durable Handles: The series boasts handles in various materials, including classic jigged bone in several colors and the unique beer barrel wood, all offering a secure grip and an aesthetically pleasing look.


  • Sturdy Nickel Silver Bolsters: Providing strength and stability, the bolsters enhance the knife's structure while adding a decorative touch.


  • Inlay Shield: A signature of quality and craftsmanship, the inlay shield on each knife is Boker's mark of authenticity.


  • Traditional Series 2.0: Some models in the series are part of Boker's Traditional Series 2.0, indicating a classic design reimagined with contemporary advancements in knife-making.


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The Boker Copperhead Knife Series from Knife Country USA caters to those who appreciate the legacy of pocketknives but require the performance of modern blade steel. These knives are not just tools but a statement of taste and tradition, reflecting a dedication to quality that has spanned generations.


Whether you're outdoors, tackling daily chores, or seeking a fine addition to your knife collection, the Boker Copperhead Series offers a knife that will not only meet but exceed your expectations in terms of performance, durability, and style.

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