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Condor Lobo Machete Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Lobo Machete Series: Unleashing the Wolf Within


Welcome to the Condor Lobo Machete Series, a collection that encapsulates the spirit of resilience and power. Named after the Spanish word for "wolf", the Lobo Series from Condor Tool and Knife emulates the untamed strength and adaptability of its namesake, promising to serve as a reliable ally in your wilderness ventures and survival situations.


Standing proud in this collection is the Condor Lobo Machete, a testament to Condor's dedication to craftsmanship and functionality. With an overall length of 18.25 inches and a blade length of 12 inches, this tool embodies the quintessential qualities of a traditional machete, optimized to meet the challenges of modern outdoor activities.


Constructed with a Condor Classic finish 1075HC steel blade, the Lobo Machete showcases high carbon steel's coveted qualities: superb edge retention, ease of sharpening, and notable durability. The high carbon content contributes to the blade's hardness, making it a trustworthy tool for heavy-duty tasks such as chopping, slashing, or clearing vegetation.


The blade features a convex grind, a design choice that offers a compromise between sharpness and strength. This type of grind is perfect for machetes, making them robust and efficient in cutting and chopping tasks.


Adorning the Lobo Machete is a black canvas micarta handle. Known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, micarta provides an ergonomic grip that resists moisture, ensuring you maintain firm control even in wet conditions. The full tang design enhances the tool's durability and balance, making it an ideal choice for demanding outdoor tasks.


The Lobo Machete features a lanyard hole, offering an additional carry option and a practical solution for secure storage. Alongside this, it comes with a black Kydex sheath equipped with a leather belt loop, making the machete easily accessible and safe to carry when on the move.


Made in El Salvador, the homeland of Condor Tool and Knife, the Lobo Machete is meticulously crafted to uphold the brand's commitment to quality and performance. Whether you're an avid outdoorsman, a survival enthusiast, or simply need a dependable tool for your yard work, the Condor Lobo Machete is the answer.


Experience the power and precision of the Condor Lobo Machete Series, where functionality and craftsmanship meet the wild, unyielding spirit of the wolf.

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