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Condor Neck Knives by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Neck Knives: Compact, Convenient, and Ever-Ready


Welcome to Knife Country USA's collection of Condor Neck Knives. This impressive product range from Condor Tool and Knife is designed with outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and knife aficionados in mind, combining compact size, exceptional durability, and remarkable cutting power.


We begin with the Condor Carlitos Neck Knife, offered in both Orange and Desert variations. Measuring 5.5 inches in overall length with a 2.5-inch black-finished 1075HC steel blade, the Carlitos Neck Knife brings both reliability and resilience to your survival gear. The cord-wrapped handle, available in striking orange or subdued desert tan, delivers excellent grip, and the black Kydex belt sheath ensures safe storage and swift access.


For those seeking a more compact solution, the Condor Tortuga Neck Knife offers an overall length of 3.5 inches. Despite its small stature, the Tortuga packs a punch, featuring a 1.5-inch Condor classic finish 1075HC steel blade and a durable black canvas micarta handle. Like its larger counterparts, it comes with a black Kydex neck sheath for convenience and safety.


The Condor Gladius Neck Knife is another formidable contender in our collection. At 6 inches overall and equipped with a 3.13-inch 1075HC steel blade, this neck knife carries a timeless, gladiator-inspired aesthetic. The black cord-wrapped handle ensures secure handling, while the black Kydex neck sheath provides practical carry and accessibility.


Made in El Salvador, all Condor Neck Knives embody the brand's commitment to creating top-quality tools capable of withstanding demanding environments. Whether you're a backpacker, survivalist, or everyday adventurer, a Condor Neck Knife is an indispensable companion on your wilderness journeys.


Explore the Condor Neck Knife range at Knife Country USA – your ultimate destination for the best outdoor gear, from top-notch knives to survival tools and more.

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