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Condor Campsite Axe Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Campsite Axe Series: Durable and Compact Tools for Every Outdoorsman


Welcome to Knife Country USA's showcase of the Condor Campsite Axe Series, where we combine the best of durability and practicality in our selection of premium outdoor tools. Condor Tool and Knife, known worldwide for their superior craftsmanship, presents this series of axes built for resilience, endurance, and exceptional performance in various outdoor scenarios.


In the Campsite Axe Series, the CTK3933424HC Campsite Axe Army Green and the CTK3934424HC Campsite Axe Desert standout. These compact tools measure an overall length of 11 inches, offering the perfect balance between utility and portability.


Both variants feature a 4.25-inch axe head, forged from 1075HC steel with a natural finish. The high carbon content ensures long-lasting edge retention and toughness, capable of enduring demanding outdoor tasks. The 3-inch cutting edge is designed for various chopping activities, from gathering firewood to clearing trails.


What sets these Campsite Axes apart are their checkered polypropylene handles. These textured grips offer exceptional hold, reducing the chance of slips during use, and ensuring precise, controlled cuts every time. You can choose between the Army Green and Desert variants, according to your preference or your environment's demands.


Adding to their practicality, both models come with a lanyard hole for various carry options and a black Kydex sheath. The robust sheath provides secure storage and transport, keeping the blade protected when not in use.


The Condor Campsite Axe Series signifies a culmination of craftsmanship, functionality, and innovation, reflecting Condor Tool and Knife's commitment to high standards and customer satisfaction. These axes are more than just tools—they are dependable companions for every outdoorsman, ready to face any challenge nature might throw their way.


Choose your perfect outdoor tool from Knife Country USA's selection of Condor Campsite Axes. We're dedicated to offering top-tier, reliable tools that enhance your outdoor experience and prepare you for any wilderness adventure.

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