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Condor Spears: Premier Spears for Outdoor Adventures


Unearth the unrivalled craftsmanship and resilience in our collection of Condor Spears at Knife Country USA. With a brand reputation like Condor Tool and Knife, we're confident in presenting you with these superior outdoor tools, known for their exceptional durability and performance.


For outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, or history buffs, a reliable spear can serve various purposes - from hunting and self-defense to reenactments and historical demonstrations. Our collection of Condor Spears boasts quality, functionality, and durability in one incredible package.


Leading our lineup is the CTK380157 Asmat Dagger Spear. This 65.5-inch spear with a 15.75-inch black epoxy powder-coated 1075 high carbon steel head showcases a hardwood shaft with a cord-wrapped grip and comes with a leather sheath for easy transport.


Next is the CTK1017875HC Greek Spear, featuring a black epoxy-coated 1045 carbon steel spear point blade, wrapped with a burnt American ash wood handle with black paracord. With its 8.75-inch blade and an overall length of 62.75 inches, this spear strikes a balance between usability and reach.


Our CTK1016145HC Yari Spear and CTK101810 African Congo Spear both showcase a unique blend of traditional design and modern materials. These spears come with a burnt American ash wood handle wrapped in black paracord, with the African Congo Spear offering a brown wood handle variant.


Finally, we have the CTK103287W Greek Wooden Spear, a shorter option standing at 45 inches overall, featuring a paracord-wrapped burnt American Hickory handle. This spear offers a unique take on the classic Greek design, making it an excellent addition to any collection.


Our Condor Spears are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to last, providing you with the durability needed in outdoor environments. Whether for survival scenarios, camping, hunting, or historical reenactments, our Condor Spears will not disappoint.


Unleash the spirit of the outdoors and delve into history with our selection of Condor Spears at Knife Country USA. We guarantee fast shipping, top-notch customer service, and competitive prices.

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