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Condor Makara Machete Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Makara Machete Series: Impeccable Craftsmanship Meets Versatility


The Condor Makara Machete Series, featured at Knife Country USA, is a testament to Condor Tool and Knife's exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to performance. Named after a mythical sea creature revered in South Asian culture, the Makara series echoes the legendary strength and adaptability of its namesake.


The series boasts two meticulously crafted tools: the Makara Machete and the Mid Makara Machete. These tools are designed to tackle a multitude of tasks, offering versatility in an elegant, powerful form.


The Makara Machete features a robust 18-inch satin finish 1075HC steel blade. The high carbon content offers exceptional edge retention, resistance to wear, and ease of sharpening. The blade design effortlessly navigates through chopping, slashing, or clearing vegetation tasks, making it a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike.


The Mid Makara Machete sports a slightly shorter 14-inch blade with a blasted satin finish, providing the same strength and durability in a more compact form. This versatile tool is perfect for those who appreciate a lighter, more agile machete while maintaining high-performance cutting power.


Both machetes showcase full, extended tangs, enhancing the balance and durability of the tools. Paired with this, the brown walnut handles offer an ergonomic and comfortable grip, complementing the machetes' outstanding performance with elegant aesthetics.


Each machete is equipped with a lanyard hole, providing an additional carrying option, and a brown leather belt sheath. The sheath ensures safe storage and easy accessibility, making these tools ideal for your outdoor adventures.


The Condor Makara Machete Series is the epitome of impeccable craftsmanship and versatility, ready to meet the demands of wilderness survival, camping, or yard work. Embrace the spirit of the mythical Makara and empower your outdoor experience with these reliable tools.

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