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Condor Argyll Scottish Machete by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Argyll Scottish Machete: A Blend of Heritage & Functionality



Welcome to the impressive collection of the Condor Argyll Scottish Machete series, brought to you by Knife Country USA. Crafted by the illustrious Condor Tool and Knife, these machetes are the perfect amalgamation of Scottish heritage and modern functionality, ideal for an assortment of outdoor activities.


Known for their unparalleled quality and innovative designs, Condor Tool and Knife have an impressive legacy in weapon crafting. Their Argyll Scottish Machete series is a testament to their commitment to excellence and the perfect example of a tool designed with careful precision and top-tier materials.


Let us introduce you to the iconic CTK10281225HC Argyll Scottish Machete, a 19-inch wonder with a 12.25-inch blade constructed from 1075HC steel. The blade's blasted satin finish lends an aesthetic elegance while its etching adds an authentic touch, distinguishing this machete as a true Condor masterpiece.


This Argyll Scottish Machete carries a full, extended tang construction, enhancing the tool's durability and strength. The walnut handle complements the robust blade, ensuring a secure grip while accentuating the overall beauty of the machete.


For convenience, the Argyll Scottish Machete features a lanyard hole, allowing easy portability and secure storage. Each machete comes with a black leather belt sheath, designed for safe carriage and to protect the blade when not in use.


Made in El Salvador, the Condor Argyll Scottish Machete reflects the excellent craftsmanship synonymous with Condor Tool and Knife. It's a perfect tool for outdoor survivalists, bushcraft enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a reliable and efficient cutting tool.


At Knife Country USA, we are committed to bringing you the finest tools and weapons from global manufacturers. With the Condor Argyll Scottish Machete, we offer a tool designed for durability, high performance, and aesthetics, serving as an essential addition to your outdoor gear collection.


Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Scottish heritage and discover the unparalleled performance of the Condor Argyll Scottish Machete. Elevate your outdoor experience and be ready to conquer any task with the right tool by your side.

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