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Condor Swords: A Fusion of Durability and Tradition


Immerse in a fusion of tradition and impeccable craftsmanship with our wide range of Condor Swords at Knife Country USA. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a collector, or someone who appreciates the martial arts, Condor offers the finest, most durable swords for your needs.


Condor Tool and Knife stand at the pinnacle of manufacturing excellence, producing world-class tools, knives, and swords. Their swords combine the rich heritage of weapon making with modern, innovative techniques.


Explore the power of the Viking era with our CTK10144 Viking Ironside Sword. This 30.25-inch overall sword showcases a satin finish 1065 carbon steel blade, wrapped in a brown leather hardwood handle, and comes with a matching scabbard.


Experience oriental martial arts with our CTK35819HC Dynasty Dadao Sword. The sword sports a 21.25-inch 1075 high carbon steel blade and a brown hardwood handle, making it a perfect choice for martial arts practitioners and sword enthusiasts alike.


The CTK500208HC Tactana Sword and CTK35722HC Simbad Scimitar Sword offer a blend of modern and traditional elements, ensuring a comfortable grip with their handle designs while maintaining the classic aesthetic of the blades.


Our collection also includes the maritime-inspired CTK36024HC Naval Cutlass Sword, the Japanese-influenced CTK10131675HC Kondoru Wakazashi, the Romanesque CTK1001195HC Mainz Gladius Sword and CTK1020165HI Tactical Gladius Wooden Sword, and the formidable CTK10152875HC Kondoru Katana and CTK102120HI Viking Ironside Wooden Sword.


For lovers of European designs, we feature the CTK101932HC Grosse Messer Sword and the CTK1020214HC Messer Sword, each crafted with attention to detail and superior materials for the best performance.


Each Condor Sword is designed with precision, ensuring their suitability for historical reenactments, combat practices, or simply as an impressive addition to your collection. At Knife Country USA, we take pride in delivering quality, functionality, and satisfaction to our customers.


Embark on your own historical journey with our collection of Condor Swords today!

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