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Condor Dismissal Knives by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Dismissal Knives Series: The Perfect Balance of Power, Precision, and Performance


Introducing the Condor Dismissal Knives Series at Knife Country USA - a specialist range from the renowned brand, Condor Tool and Knife, dedicated to the highly skilled art of knife throwing. Combining exceptional design, high-quality materials, and outstanding craftsmanship, these knives ensure the perfect balance of power, precision, and performance.


Take for instance the standout products in this series, the CTK100712HC - 2-1/2 Inch Dismissal Thrower and the CTK100714HC - 3 Inch Dismissal Thrower. Both knives feature an overall length of 12" and 14" respectively with sharpened double-edged tips, delivering the ultimate experience for expert throwers.


These knives are constructed from a single piece of 1075 carbon steel, providing a perfect balance of strength and flexibility that's crucial for a throwing knife. The black epoxy powder coating enhances the durability of the blades, offering resistance against wear and tear, and making these knives perfect for rigorous use.


The unique handle design, featuring machined hole cutouts, doesn't just add to the visual appeal of these knives but also helps reduce the overall weight and increase aerodynamics. These thoughtfully designed aspects make these Dismissal Throwers compliant with the rules of the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame.


Proudly made in El Salvador, these knives embody the meticulous attention to detail and high-quality standards for which Condor Tool and Knife are known. They represent a fantastic fusion of tradition and modern design, perfect for both knife throwing enthusiasts and professional competitors.


At Knife Country USA, we understand that the right tools can enhance your skills and boost your performance. That’s why our selection of the Condor Dismissal Knives Series is designed to provide exceptional quality, comfort, and performance. Explore the series today, and elevate your throwing practice to new heights of precision and power.

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