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Condor Cloudburst Axe Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Cloudburst Axe Series: Experience Cutting-Edge Performance


Step into the world of uncompromising strength and durability with the Condor Cloudburst Axe Series at Knife Country USA. The renowned Condor Tool and Knife brings to you this series of axes that are the embodiment of power, resilience, and precise performance, designed for demanding outdoor situations.


The Condor CTK2803C16 Cloudburst Axe stands tall as the representative of this series, boasting a design that caters to an array of outdoor activities. With an overall length of 22.75 inches, this tool showcases an excellent balance between size and versatility.


This Cloudburst Axe features a 5.75-inch 1060 carbon steel axe head, promising high durability and long-term edge retention. The 3-inch cutting edge is meticulously designed for efficient chopping, splitting, and trimming tasks. Whether you are setting up a campsite, preparing firewood, or traversing a densely wooded trail, this axe will be your go-to tool.


One of the distinctive elements of the CTK2803C16 Cloudburst Axe is its American hickory handle. Known for its tough and impact-resistant properties, the hickory handle assures a firm grip, minimizes vibrations during use, and guarantees longevity. A lanyard hole is also integrated, offering different carrying options for convenience and accessibility.


Adding value to your purchase, the Cloudburst Axe comes with a high-quality brown leather sheath for safe storage and transportation. It protects the axe head from potential damage, thus ensuring the tool's longevity and consistent performance.


The Condor Cloudburst Axe Series exemplifies Condor Tool and Knife's commitment to delivering high-grade tools that endure the test of time and demanding tasks. These axes are more than just cutting tools—they are reliable wilderness companions designed to serve every outdoorsman.


At Knife Country USA, we ensure that our customers get to experience world-class outdoor tools. Choose the Condor Cloudburst Axe for your next adventure and experience a blend of tradition and innovation in outdoor equipment.

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