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Condor Warlock Machete Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Experience Power & Precision with Condor Warlock Machete Series


Step into the world of exceptional craftmanship and unparalleled functionality with the Condor Warlock Machete Series. Created for outdoor enthusiasts, bushcraft experts, and survivalists, these machetes are designed to deliver under the most demanding conditions. At Knife Country USA, we bring you these authentic Condor tools, manufactured with precision and designed for resilience.


The standout in the Warlock Machete Series is the Condor Warlock Machete with Carbon Steel Blade (CTK253125HC). Boasting an overall length of 19.38 inches and a 12.5-inch high carbon steel blade, this machete is designed for robust performance. The black epoxy powder coating on the blade not only adds to its aesthetics but also provides an added layer of resistance against corrosion and wear.


The full tang design of the machete ensures optimal strength and balance, essential for all your outdoor cutting and chopping needs. Complementing this durable construction is the gray micarta handle. Not only does it provide a firm and comfortable grip, but it also enhances the machete's overall rugged appeal.


No well-crafted tool is complete without a safe storage solution, and this machete comes with a black leather belt sheath. It allows for secure and convenient carry, ensuring your machete is always within reach whenever you need it.


The Condor Warlock Machete Series encapsulates the company's commitment to quality, durability, and functionality. Manufactured in El Salvador, these tools reflect the traditional methods of local artisans, combined with modern techniques and materials. The result is a tool that is not only practical but also carries an essence of heritage and history.


At Knife Country USA, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality tools from around the world. The Condor Warlock Machete is a testament to this commitment. Its high-quality construction, combined with its thoughtful design, makes it a must-have for those who love the great outdoors and rely on sturdy tools for their adventures.


Experience the difference with the Condor Warlock Machete. Explore the power and precision of this iconic tool, and let it be your dependable companion on all your outdoor expeditions. Knife Country USA welcomes you to the world of high-quality tools where reliability and performance are paramount.

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