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Condor German Aviator Machete Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor German Aviator Machete Series: A True Testament to Robustness


Welcome to Knife Country USA's dedicated page for the Condor German Aviator Machete Series. A testament to robustness and durability, these machetes are the perfect companions for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals alike who value utility and exceptional quality.


The CTK182216HC German Aviator Machete stands as a prime representative of the series, showcasing Condor Tool and Knife's commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. This machete is designed for ultimate performance and lasting durability, ensuring it's ready to take on any task you throw at it.


With an overall length of 21 inches and a 16-inch blade, the German Aviator Machete is a formidable tool. The blade is crafted from 1075 high carbon steel, a material renowned for its exceptional toughness and edge retention. Further enhancing its durability, the blade is finished with a black traction coating that provides added resistance to corrosion and wear.


Featuring a full flat grind with a secondary bevel, the machete offers outstanding cutting and chopping capabilities, making it a versatile tool for a range of applications. Whether you're clearing brush, splitting wood, or performing other demanding tasks, the German Aviator Machete is up to the challenge.


The handle, made from walnut, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides a secure and comfortable grip. The machete also features a steel guard and pommel, enhancing its safety and durability.


Every German Aviator Machete comes with a black canvas belt sheath for secure storage and convenient carry. This sheath ensures that your machete is always within reach when you need it, whether you're exploring the great outdoors or working on a project.


Proudly made in El Salvador, the Condor German Aviator Machete is a testament to the brand's dedication to superior quality and fine craftsmanship. Experience the precision, performance, and durability of the German Aviator Machete – a tool designed to meet the demands of any challenge.


Here at Knife Country USA, we're proud to offer a wide selection of outdoor gear, accessories, and tools from the world's leading brands. Explore the Condor German Aviator Machete Series and discover the perfect blend of quality, functionality, and design.

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