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Condor Indian Tomahawk Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Indian Tomahawk Series: Embrace the Spirit of Adventure


Welcome to the dedicated home of the Condor Indian Tomahawk Series at Knife Country USA. A striking blend of traditional design and modern functionality, these tomahawks encapsulate the unique appeal of the cutting tool industry.


At the heart of this collection lies the CTK390408HC Indian Throwing Tomahawk. With a 19-inch overall length and a 5.75-inch Condor classic finish 1060 carbon steel axe head, this tomahawk is designed for precise throws and robust functionality. The 2.75-inch cutting edge is ideal for a range of applications, from outdoor exploration to survival scenarios.


For those seeking a tool with an additional touch of utility, the CTK39051HC Indian Hammer Poll Tomahawk offers a multipurpose design. This 19-inch tomahawk features a 7.25-inch 1060 carbon steel axe head and a hammer poll for enhanced functionality.


The CTK391618 Indian Spike Tomahawk offers a more aggressive design. The 19.25-inch tool features a 9-inch 1065 carbon steel axe head, complete with a 9-inch cutting edge and an integrated spike for versatile use.


All tomahawks in this series come equipped with Hickory wood handles, known for their strength and durability. The warm brown hue of Hickory adds a rustic touch to these tools, perfectly contrasting with the Condor classic finish of the axe heads.


Whether you're an outdoors enthusiast, a survivalist, or simply a connoisseur of fine-cutting tools, the Indian Tomahawk Series offers a tool to suit your needs. Each tomahawk includes a brown leather sheath, ensuring the axe head is well protected during storage and transport.


Crafted with care in El Salvador, these tomahawks are a testament to Condor Tool and Knife's commitment to quality and performance. Explore the Indian Tomahawk Series today, and discover the unique blend of traditional design and modern functionality that sets these tools apart.

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