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Condor Departure Bolo Machete Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Departure Bolo Machete Series: Power, Precision and Durability


At Knife Country USA, we are pleased to introduce the robust Condor Departure Bolo Machete Series from Condor Tool and Knife. A company that prides itself on tradition, excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs, Condor delivers products that are built for resilience and durability.


Our highlighted product in this series is the CTK3955122HC Departure Bolo Machete. An exquisite blend of power and precision, this machete is designed to handle intense cutting and chopping tasks with ease.


Measuring 18.38 inches overall, the Departure Bolo Machete features a 12.25-inch blade made from 1075 high carbon steel, known for its superior edge retention and hardness. The blade’s black traction coating improves its durability by protecting against corrosion and wear. Moreover, the convex grind on the blade increases its strength, making it perfect for handling heavy-duty tasks without the risk of chipping or breaking.


The full tang design of the machete ensures optimal strength and stability. The Walnut handle not only complements the machete's aesthetic appeal but also provides a comfortable, secure grip, enabling you to work for extended periods without experiencing hand fatigue. For additional convenience, the handle also includes a lanyard hole for easy carrying and storage.


The Departure Bolo Machete comes with a brown leather belt sheath, providing an efficient storage solution and allowing for safe, convenient carrying. This feature is especially beneficial when you are exploring the great outdoors and need quick access to your machete.


Each Departure Bolo Machete is made in El Salvador, reflecting Condor Tool and Knife's commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and adherence to traditional manufacturing techniques.


At Knife Country USA, we understand your need for reliable, durable tools, and that's why we bring you the best selection of outdoor gear and knives. Explore the Condor Departure Bolo Machete series today and equip yourself with a tool that guarantees unmatched performance and longevity.

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