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Condor Krakatoa Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Discover the Power of Condor Krakatoa Series: Reliable Linerlock Knives


Uncover the prowess and dependability of the Condor Krakatoa Series, a remarkable line of Linerlock knives that stand tall in the realm of high-quality cutlery. Crafted by the esteemed Condor Tool and Knife brand, the Krakatoa Series brings forth an extraordinary fusion of strength, durability, and precision.


Named after one of the most devastating volcanic eruptions in history, the Krakatoa Series embodies formidable power and resilience. Each knife in the series, including the Condor 3937427HC - Krakatoa Linerlock Knife Army Green and the Condor 3938427HC - Krakatoa Linerlock Knife Desert, encapsulates the Condor's commitment to excellence.


These knives feature a 3.5-inch 1095 high carbon steel blade with a natural finish, a material known for its impressive edge retention and durability. Ideal for demanding tasks, the 1095HC steel ensures that the blade remains sharp and reliable for extended periods, making these knives an ideal companion for outdoor adventures or daily utility purposes.


The Krakatoa Linerlock knives showcase canvas micarta handles, available in Army Green or Desert Tan, offering a secure and comfortable grip. The sturdy linerlock mechanism ensures safe operation, keeping the blade firmly in place during use and providing easy one-handed closing when you're done.


Compact yet robust, each Krakatoa knife sports a closed length of 4.5 inches, making it portable and convenient to carry. Each knife comes in a box, making it a perfect gift for knife enthusiasts or a fantastic addition to any knife collection.


All Condor products, including the Krakatoa Series, are made in El Salvador, a testament to the brand's global reach and commitment to superior craftsmanship.


Experience the power of the Krakatoa with the Condor Krakatoa Series, where the robustness of the volcano meets the finesse of the craftsman.

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