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Condor Jungolo Machete Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Condor Jungolo Machete Series: A True Jungle Master


Unearth the power of the jungles with the Condor Jungolo Machete Series. Melding reliability, versatility, and a design that resonates with the spirit of the wild, these machetes are the perfect partners for any outdoor adventure.


The pride of this series is the CTK3915133 Jungolo Machete. A formidable tool, it measures 19 inches overall with a robust 13.25-inch blade crafted from 1075 high carbon steel. The blade's natural finish preserves the steel's integrity, providing excellent cutting power and durability to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities.


The Jungolo Machete is not just about strength. It's also about comfort and user-friendliness. The machete's handle, made from rich brown Walnut, provides a secure, comfortable grip, enhancing the tool's maneuverability during use. This feature, coupled with the machete's well-balanced design, ensures you have complete control during chopping, slicing, or clearing tasks.


Every Jungolo Machete comes with a brown leather belt sheath. This additional accessory ensures you can safely transport and store the machete when it's not in use. Furthermore, it adds an extra layer of protection to the tool and user alike.


Condor's Jungolo Machete is a tribute to survival in the wilderness. Designed to tackle the harshest of environments, it's the perfect choice for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, campers, or anyone in need of a reliable, robust cutting tool.


Made in El Salvador, the Jungolo Machete upholds the high standards of craftsmanship that Condor Tool and Knife is renowned for. The Jungolo Machete Series promises a tool that will stand the test of time and stay by your side as you carve your path through the great outdoors.


Whether it's for trailblazing, camping, or survival, the Condor Jungolo Machete Series offers tools that inspire confidence. Embrace the call of the wild, and equip yourself with a Condor Jungolo Machete today.

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