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Case XX Sod Buster Knives by Case XX Knives

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Superior Range of Case XX Sod Buster Knives


Unearth a grand variety of authentic, top-notch Case XX Sod Buster Knives at Knife Country USA. As one of the largest online retailers of knives and outdoor gear, we proudly present over 25 unique models of Sod Buster knives, combining quality, durability, and value in a single stroke.


Our impressive selection of Sod Buster knives includes models like the Case 092 with a smooth black synthetic handle and standard edge stainless blade, perfect for those seeking traditional craftsmanship paired with modern materials. Or, the compact yet formidable Sod Buster Jr Black, that boasts a Skinner blade with etching, bringing you the best of form and function.


Perhaps you're more drawn to our colorful variations? Then explore models like the Sodbuster Jr. with a vivid yellow synthetic handle, or the Sod Buster Jr Folding Pocket Knife with Orange Synthetic Handle, ideal for those who value vibrancy and performance equally.


Among the standout models is the John Deere Sod Buster Jr Folding Knife, with the recognizable John Deere logo etched into its sturdy blade. For a touch of sophistication, consider the Sod Buster Jr Old Red Bone with its beautiful old red jigged bone handle, or the Sod Buster Jr 6.5 Bonestag featuring a 6.5 Bonestag handle and mirror finish stainless skinner blade.


Each Case XX Sod Buster Knife is an emblem of durability, ensuring a lifelong service with minimal maintenance. Our Sod Buster knives range is comprehensive, accommodating various styles, sizes, and handle materials, guaranteeing something for every knife enthusiast out there.


We also understand that the uniqueness of each blade pattern plays a crucial role in a knife's appeal. That's why we offer an extensive range of Sod Buster models featuring varied blade patterns and types. From Skinner blades to Chrome Vanadium carbon steel blades, we've got you covered.

Explore Knife Country USA's Case XX Sod Buster Knives collection now, and find your ultimate outdoor companion today.

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