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Case XX Blade Changer Pocket Knives by Case XX Knives

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Purposely designed to last for generations, Case XX Knives are a pioneer in crafting fixed blade and folding pocket knives. The Case XX products are inspired by the designs that tamed the American wilderness. These distinctive designs include ‘XX’ marks on each product that set the Case blades apart from other knives and perfectly complement the historical ideology followed by the company.


 The Case XX Blade Changer Pocket Knives series includes a range of interchangeable multipurpose foldable knives that are designed for everyday carry. The EDC knives features interchangeable blades made of sturdy stainless-steel material which protects them from corrosion. The pocket knives have clip, fillet, saw, drop point, and guthook blades. The fillet blades assist in cutting and slicing easily just like drop point blades, which are mostly used for cutting and chopping (owing to their thicker edge). The clip point blades have thinner edges that appear as clipped off. This makes these blades perfect for slicing and carving. The guthook blades have a design of hook in the spine. These blades assist hunters I'm cutting animal's skin without damaging anything inside. The saw blades are designed like a real saw for heavy-duty tasks. The foldable knives have camp, rosewood, and jigged bone handles. Each handle material aims at adding aesthetics in the knives with providing a firm grip to the user. Some of the knives in this series come with a gift tin which includes leather belt sheath with pockets for each blade. The pocket knives have brass bolsters which ensures balance at the edges of the knives.


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