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Case XX Knives is a knife manufacturing company situated in Pennsylvania that has done exceptionally well in the knife industry. Case XX Toothpick Pocket Knives are made by industry veterans and are the culmination of years of study and expertise. The blades in this collection are wonderfully designed and feature eye-catching handles that give them a timeless appearance. The Toothpick Folding knives are not only attractive, but they are also extremely strong and dimensionally stable. This series includes long clip blade knives made of chrome vanadium carbon steel, true-sharp medical steel long clip blade knives, and a long clip blade toothpick wooden knife set. For effortless cutting, these knives have a smooth appearance with even weight distribution. This series' package includes serrated blades knife blades, liners, handles, and a shield made of American hardwood. The other knives in this collection have composite handles, jigged bone handles, and Case USA inlay shield handles on several of them.

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