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Welcome to Knife Country USA's grand array of Case XX Toothpick Knives - a stellar blend of classic design and modern practicality, crafted by the well-renowned W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery.


The Toothpick knives from Case XX reflect the brand's over a century-old tradition of excellence and skill. Designed to slip effortlessly into your pocket, these knives are an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts and a worthy addition to any knife collector's treasury.


Our collection, featuring over 35 unique Toothpick knife models, showcases an array of design elements, from Red Pocket Worn to Mediterranean Blue, and from Amber Bone to the futuristic Black Sea Dichrolam.


Take for instance, the CA792 Small Texas Toothpick, which captivates with its red jigged bone handles and stainless long clip blade, all imbued with a pocket worn feeling for added charm.


The CA2804 Small Texas Toothpick stands out with its navy blue jigged bone handles and Tru-Sharp surgical steel long clip blade.


Then there's the CA5532 Small Toothpick Stag, boasting genuine stag handles with a long stainless clip blade.


For those seeking a pop of color, the CA910096FIB Small Toothpick Fire In Box and the CA910096SG Small Toothpick Sapphire Glow present Corelon handles in a vibrant array of colors.


The rest of the collection features an exciting blend of hues and materials, from Butter Rum Corelon to Aquarius Corelon, and from White Pearl Corelon to the resplendent Abalone.


The Toothpick knife series from Case XX isn't just about aesthetics - it's about functionality, precision, and an enduring commitment to quality. Every single knife is a testament to Case XX's dedication to craftsmanship and the tradition of knife making.


We at Knife Country USA pride ourselves on presenting the widest range of Case XX Toothpick Knives, assuring you find a knife that is just as unique as you are. Whether you are an avid collector, an adventurer at heart, or on a quest for the perfect gift, you are sure to find the ideal match in our collection of Case XX Toothpick knives.


Explore the world of Case XX Toothpick Knives today and own a piece of American craftsmanship that's truly exceptional!

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