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Underwater Kinetics is an all-in-one resource for purchasing the best outdoor gear, like knives, flashlights, diving lights, accessories, and more. Its items deliver the most state-of-the-art innovation, formidable strength, and superior execution. The employees and laborers at Underwater Kinetics keep on providing their best with the assistance of creative innovation that increases present expectations and blazes the way.

Alan Uke, a University of California San Diego student, laid out the brand Underwater Kinetics in 1971. The organization has been his ongoing source of joy from the start. 1974 denoted a significant one throughout the entire existence of Underwater Kinetics, as the brand developed and launched the powerful little flashlight that prompted the upheaval in the realm of handheld flashlights.

Underwater Kinetics – Delivering the Best

Underwater Kinetics is perhaps the most famous brand that guarantees durable unwavering quality with notable designs and ideas. The brand doesn't believe in reevaluating or moving its assembling tasks abroad. From infusion embellishment to delivery, nearly all the assembling functions are run from the San Diego office only.

The brand guarantees the most extreme staff and client well-being by assembling characteristically safe items consistent with required security norms. Cutting-edge technologies like injection molding, pad printing, and ultrasonic welding make these items stand out in the market. In addition, the stock of Underwater Kinetics incorporates a wide variety of submerged diving gears, security/work electric flashlights, hangers, outdoor knives, headlamps, and much more.

An Extensive Range of Underwater Kinetic Products

Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 MK2 LED Flashlight: Mini-Q40 MK2 is a compact and solid dive light with performance you've never seen from a light this little. Outfitted with a convenient press-button switch that is not difficult to use even with heavy gloves, the Mini-Q40 MK2 can deliver 250 lumens for 5 hours of run time. It requires four standard AA batteries keep the light running, regardless of where you are. A solidly focused beam slices through dinky water effortlessly and illuminates any dive, day or night, and the included hands-free lash makes it a great light for lobstering! Ideal for travel and those long dive trips, the light weighs 6 oz, measures 7.5" long, and is not difficult to pack because of its small size.

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Pro2 Light: An ideal multi-purpose LED dive light for the traveling diver. A diffuser is incorporated to make the shaft wider for vast GoPro and similar cameras. The back extra-enormous press button switch pushes the light through 3 power levels. An extra-large removable lithium-ion battery gives broadened burn time. You can likewise carry an extra for the entire day diving without recharge. The Aqualite grip and handle frill are all viable. Embed either a narrow beam lens for brushing the reef and looking under edges. Pop in the wide-angle lens when photography is the primary objective.

Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon L1 Pistol: Light Cannon eLED L1 is an upgrade to the legendary Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon. This essential dive light satisfies its name - lighting up a night, wreck, or any dive where a strong light is required. Carry the LED Light Cannon anyplace easily using either the pistol grip or lamp grip attachments. The Light Cannon radiates 1100 lumens out of the box, yet the rechargeable battery pack can expand maximum lumens to an astonishing 2100.

Underwater Kinetics C8 Light: UK's C8 eLED has been number one for divers worldwide for a long time. C8 eLED L2 takes the power and dependability of the original light and amps it up, putting out an outstanding 900 lumens. The L2 dramatically increases the result of its ancestor while keeping all you adored about the first. The rechargeable version can increment lumen yield up to 1200 lumens.

Underwater Kinetics Max Dive Light: This super glorious dive light can't be bested. It puts out a narrow penetrating beam for the night, wrecks and caverns. Pressing the huge back switch button chooses 3 degrees of brightness and emergency flash mode. You can sneak through the diffusion filter for smooth, wide-angle illumination as a photographer. An additional two enormous lithium batteries are removed for charging and can be replaced with an extra set for the entire day of diving without recharging. The handgrip and Aqualite photo arms are compatible.

Underwater Kinetics Multi Reef Explorer: For the curious reef explorer who wants to see marine life at its best, this multi-colored LED light is an ideal choice. Two degrees of white light allow you to see reef creatures under ledges or at nighttime in full tone. Red illumination is perfect for spotting animals that run from white light and stay away from those drawn to white. The UV395 light causes a few creatures to flash colors you won't ever see differently. In an emergency, punch the back selector button to flasher mode. Remember to use the wide-angle diffuser for video and still. Since the lithium-particle battery is removable, you can carry an extra for the entire day of diving without recharging.

Underwater Kinetics SL4 MK2 Dive Light: The SL4 has been the highest quality level for little utilitarian dive lights for a long time. Owning an SL4 is possessing a piece of scuba diving history. It is sufficiently compact to slide easily into a pocket and has a brilliant focus spot to illuminate dim spaces under diving conditions. Underwater Kinetics is presenting the refreshed and improved Mark 2 variant of the SL4. Interestingly, the company utilizes an advanced regulator to take advantage of the four C-size batteries. As a result, the SL4 Mark 2 flaunts an eye-watering 600 lumens of brilliance while holding every one of the extraordinary characteristics that made it the most well-known dive light in history.

Underwater Kinetics Fixed Blade Knives: Getting caught in netting or a fishing line is a hazardous and regular event. The Blue Tang Titanium is planned with a snare at its base to assist you with effectively slicing through any entanglement. It is sharp, corrosion safe, and has a locking mechanism on its sheath so it won't tumble off underwater or cut you, and different entrapments.

Warranty Information

Underwater Kinetics warrants to the first buyer that its items are liberated from defects in materials or workmanship. The Underwater Kinetics Warranty covers materials utilized in its items to the original buyer, from the date of purchase, as follows: plastics for 10 years; rubber for 3 years, LED and hardware for 3 years, rechargeable batteries for 90 days, and lamps for 30 days. Underwater Kinetics agrees, at its choice, to either repair or replace the unit with the same or comparable available product to the original buyer within the product's warranty period.

Proof of purchase (sales receipt) from an authorized Underwater Kinetics USA retailer is expected to acquire service during the warranty.

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