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Alan Uke, a student of the University of California San Diego established the brand Underwater Kinetics in 1971. The company has been his labor of love ever since the beginning. 1974 marked an important one in the history of Underwater Kinetics, as the brand invented and launched the high-powered, small flashlight that led to the revolution in the world of handheld flashlights.


Underwater Kinetics is one of the most renowned brands that promises long-lasting reliability with groundbreaking designs and ideas. The brand does not believe in outsourcing or moving their manufacturing operations overseas. From injection molding to shipping, nearly all the manufacturing operations are run from the San Diego facility only.


Underwater Kinetics– Standing by the Promise

Underwater Kinetics is a one-stop-shop for buying the highest quality outdoor gears like knives, flashlights, diving lights, accessories, and much more. Its products continue to deliver the most cutting-edge technology, rugged durability, and superior performance. The employees and workers at Underwater Kinetics continue to deliver their bets with the help of innovative technology that raises the bar and blazes the path.


The brand ensures maximum personnel and user safety by manufacturing intrinsically safe products that are compliant to required safety standards. Advanced technologies like injection molding, pad printing, and ultrasonic welding make these products stand out in the market. The inventory of Underwater Kinetics includes a wide range of underwater diving gears, safety/work flashlights, hangers, outdoor knives, headlamps, and much more.


An Unparalleled Range: Underwater Kinetics Products by Series



Browse through the selected best-selling products from the inventory of Underwater Kinetics. All the products mentioned below are manufactured with maximum precision to deliver high-performance lifelong.


Fixed Blade Knives: This category includes an array of tools that act as essential gears when it comes to exploring or diving deep into the sea. Most knives in this series have a sharp fixed blade, featuring a variety of blade designs– serrated or standard. The rubberized handles with Titanium signaling or hydro alloy pommel make these knives more functional. The hooked line cuter and smooth edges along with quick release ozone-resistant rubber leg straps make them easy to carry, providing superior cutting performance. The polycarbonate sheaths available with these knives help the divers to keep them safe.


Mini Q40 MK2 eLED: This series includes a variety of high-performance eLED flashlights, featuring lightweight construction that allows the user to carry it anywhere. These lights are equipped with a convenient push-button switch that makes it easy to use. Most lights in this series can produce 250 lumens for 5 hours of run time. All the lights included in this series run on standard AA batteries, offering high efficiency. The mask strap that is offered with this light makes it ideal for hands-free use. All the products in this series are manufactured with new optics system, ensuring better visibility. These lights cater to the needs of travelers, hunters, hikers, bikers, divers, outdoorsmen, and adventure enthusiasts.


AA-Flashlight Series: This series includes a variety of LED flashlights that run on powerful AA batteries. Most lights are equipped with a xenon bulb that enhances visibility. Waterproof construction and pre-focused lamp for instant narrow beam make these lights more desirable. These flashlights are one of the world’s most versatile travel gear, available in a compact, lightweight, and user-friendly design.


Blue Tang Diver Knives: This category of knives includes an array of fixed blade knives, featuring full tang construction to offer maximum strength. The materials like titanium and hydralloy ensure durability, eliminating the chances of wear and tear. All the knives in this niche feature anti-slip grip handle that are accessible by both the hands, making these highly functional. Most of the products offered by the brand are certified for safe usage according to the industrial standards, making them the prior choice of many customers.


C4 eLED L2 Flash-Light: These flashlights are specially designed with high power lumen output, making them ideal to use as diving lights. The rugged hydralum construction of the outer body allows them to hold up for more than 20 years in the sea water. Features like high-intensity twin LED module with a connective cooling element and unique optical design make these lights a preferred choice for the divers. The eLED lights in this niche come with 4C cells to provide a long-life rechargeable battery that will last for 10 years.


Light Cannon Spotlight:The Cannon Spotlights in this series are made to deliver high performance with high power lumens. These lights generally feature either pistol or lantern grip handles for easy operation. The non-breakable switch of these spotlights helps in preventing accidental actuation. These lights can operate on both C cell or UK NiCad batteries. With these Cannon spotlights, brightness remains even higher underwater than in air with unique LED water cooling design.


SL4 Series:SL4 light series includes a wide variety of LED dive lights that offer maximum battery life and greater intensity. This LED light is designed in a compact size that makes it portable enough to any anywhere. The professional divers can make the most out of these lights. The waterproof construction of these LED lights makes them a must-have for most outdoorsmen who like to dive in the deep oceans and seas.


Vizion Headlamps: The headlamps in this niche feature a unique design to fulfill the requirements of workers at commercial and industrial jobsites. The durable construction of these headlamps makes them resistant to any wear and tear. The compact size and light weight make the lamps appropriate to be carried on field trips and workplaces. With the adjustable beam angle, you can choose between the tight beam, diffused beam and a red mode that helps with a distant vision in poor lighting conditions.


Warranty Information

Underwater Kinetics warrants its customers that all the products available in its inventory are free from defects in materials or workmanship. According to the company policy, the warranty extended by the company to its customers covers materials used, from the date of purchase - plastics for 10 years; rubber for 3 years, LED and electronics for 3 years, rechargeable batteries for 90 days and lamps for 30 days. The company takes full responsibility of replacing the product with a same or similar product available in case of any fault occurring during the warranty time. In cases like that, a fair repair or replacement fee would be charged from the customers.


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