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Pelican Cases and Flashlights

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Pelican Cases and Flashlights



In 1976, Dave Parker and his wife Arline laid the foundation step of “Pelican”. Their utter dedication and a passion to deliver the best on class products made Pelican a renowned and a well-established brand in a short span of time. They started the company in their garage in California, that marked the birth of the brand Pelican. The introduction of industry-defining products inclusive of high-performance protective cases; advanced portable lighting systems, temperature-controlled packaging solutions, rugged gear, grabbed all the limelight and gained accolades from the professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. The products manufactured by the company are known for excellent durability and quality.


Massive Inventory To Cater to The Varying Demands

Over the years, Pelican has successfully provided the toughest airtight and watertight protective products and has managed to abide by all quality standards of the industry. Pelican’s client base includes consumer from fire/safety, aerospace, life sciences, defense, law enforcement, entertainment, and industrial department. The brand has dedicated years, invested in time and money to bring forth an extremely durable range of products that are suitable to be used in most of the demanding situations and survive the most difficult situations. Pelican has never compromised on the quality and performance of any of the cases and flashlights, and thus, has been amidst the most reliable names of the industry. The company surpassed another milestone, the BioThermal division was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for presenting an innovative range of high-performance shipping systems, Chronos Advance.


Exploring the Comprehensive Product Range By Pelican


Pelican 22-ounce Traveler Tumbler: This series includes the finest range of Tumblers that are specifically manufactured to cater to the demands of travel enthusiasts and globetrotters. These premium-quality tumblers are manufactured using finest-grade stainless steel with vacuum insulation that offers optimum performance in the most demanding situations. The ergonomically designed tumblers are designed for hot/cold retention and are suitable to be used by hikers, trekkers, and mountaineers.


Pelican 32-ounce Traveler Tumbler: This series includes the 32-ounce Travel Tumblers, designed and manufactured using durable quality stainless steel, toughened with double-wall vacuum insulation. These tumblers are easy to carry and are suitable to be used by the survival gamers, adventure enthusiasts, and explorers. The tumblers are BPA-free, are coated with sweat-free powder and are primarily designed to survive the most challenging conditions.


Pelican Hard-Back Case Series: The hardback cases are manufactured and designed to safeguard valuables when stepping into the tough outdoors or while going on an adventure trek. The copolymer construction of the cases offers complete resistance against water, chemical, dust, and corrosion, thus, keeping all the valuables inside safe and secure. The tough airtight and watertight cases with the O-ring and ABS latch seal help to withstand abrasions, falls and knocks.


Pelican Headlight Head-Lamp Series: Headlight Head-Lamps are designed using premium materials and innovative technology to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the night vision industry. Superior quality black composition housing, provision of different modes of LED activation with motion sensor activation is few of the defining features of the headlamps. The degree of lighting intensity is commendable and is suitable for the most demanding conditions.


Pelican Large Micro Case Series: Large Micro Cases are one of the most suitable cases that withstand the abrasive environmental conditions while keeping all valuables perfectly in place and completely secure. The cases seal out dust, water, contaminants for complete protection in extreme weather conditions. These ultra-reliable cases have an automatic pressure purge valve to ensure the airtight, watertight, and crushproof performance every time.


Pelican LED Flashlight Series: The ingeniously-designed flashlights are designed using finest raw anodized aluminum that boosts the durability, while the rugged polymer resin housing adds to the overall strength of the flashlights. The impeccable light-emitting capability with high lumens works perfectly in low-light conditions. These are the anti-slip flashlights and are provided with a black stainless pocket clip to ensure complete user convenience.


Pelican LED Key-Chain Flash-Light Series: LED Key-Chain Flash-Light outperforms in low-light conditions or in the pitch dark. The high-quality lenses of the flashlights work exceptionally well in most of the demanding situation and tactical environment. The black aluminum housing construction adds to the overall strength and durability of the water-resistant flashlights.


Pelican Light Case Series: Pelican Light Cases feature heavy-duty composition cases that are perfect to be used in tactical situations and extreme weather conditions to keep the dust and water out. The cases survive the multiple roughest uses owing to the durable and lightweight construction. The pre-set LED light output levels plus signaling mode has perfect high, medium and low lumens mode with remarkable runtime. This makes it perfect to be used in most of the tactical scenarios.


Pelican Medium Case Series: The high-strength and impact resistant medium cases keep the high-value components, gear or instruments completely safe in most of the tactical scenarios. The high quality crushproof, watertight and dust-proof materials offer ultra-tough casing options that survive against wear & tear agents, abrasive materials, and high-impact falls. The rubber over-molded handle makes it easy to carry anywhere.


Pelican Medium Micro Case Series: These are the dustproof, crushproof, and watertight Medium Micro Cases that are manufactured using high-grade material and state-of-the-art methods. The lightweight cases have retained the legendary toughness, for which the Pelican products are known for. Keep the cell phones, electronics, and pagers safe and secure while trekking, mountaineering or performing outdoor tasks.


Pelican Micro Case Series: The Micro Series includes the crushproof, and dust proof cases that are specifically designed for the adventure enthusiasts and hikers, to keep the mobile phones, electronics, and other gadgets completely safe and secure. The cases can withstand extreme pressure and withstand the repeated falls and multiple roughest uses. The automatic pressure purge valve is another defining feature of these cases.


Pelican Nemo LED Series Lights: Nemo LED Series Lights are primarily designed to be used in low light conditions, where natural light is missing or compromised. These lights are suitable to be used by the armed units and combat specialists, surviving in hostile situations, where they require equally tough accessories. The lights are manufactured to withstand accidental falls and can be used in dusty, wet, and slippery conditions. The super bright LED beam and high lumens make these lights suitable to be used in tactical situations.


Pelican Pro-Gear LED Flash-Light Series: The waterproof and lightweight Pro-Gear LED Flash-Lights features photo-luminescent technology that helps to emit bright glow to increase the visibility in pitch dark environments. The aluminum construction of the lights boosts the durability and makes it suitable to be used in most of the demanding situations where visibility is challenged.


Warranty Information of Pelican Cases and Flashlights

Pelican products are warranted to be free from manufacturing or designing defects. The complete product line is specifically designed with utmost precision by the professional designers. In rare case, if any of the products are found to be defected, then repair and replacement will be immediately only after carrying out an inspection by the concerned company member. The product will be sent to the quality department and after approval, it will be sent for repair or replacement. The cases and flashlights are not intended to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers; this can hamper the quality and degrade the performance as well.


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